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Essay on Animals

Animals are the most precious living beings that God has given us. They have occupied this earth as long as humans have. There are different species in animals, firstly there are mammals which includes lion, cow, bears, etc., second there are reptiles which lay eggs and they are lizards, snakes, crocodiles and turtles, third there are amphibians that have thin skin through which they breath, they reside within land and water and they include toads, frogs, salamanders, etc. fourth we have birds and lastly insects which are really small.

Formerly animals such as horses, donkeys and camels were used for the transportation purpose, dogs for protection and some other animals as their companions also known as pets, dogs have been great companions and help to handicaps and old people.

Animals are the creatures of God and has been made to help human’s environment. They provide humans with food and soil with nutrition’s, they are main source to provide us with meat, dairy and poultry. Moreover, some animals are made to help control the animal population for example, the tiger who is considered as the king of the jungle.

People are cutting down the trees from the forests to expand the buildings and factories making animals lose their home and making them extinct. There are people who cages them and keeps them away from their families making them feel depressed and lonely which affects their well-being. Water species are also being harmed by water pollution and industrial wastes that endangers the life of water animals.

Hunters also tortures the animals and then kills them for the fashion products such as fur and leather. Furthermore, animals are also used as drug or product testing in research laboratories. Animal lives are sacrificed to protect the humans from any future drugs that may be harmful for them. Animals are also used in circuses and are trained to show different tricks to entertain themselves and earn money from them which is pure animal cruelty.

Earth not only belongs to the humans, animals have as much right to live on this land as humans. Therefore, we need to protect the animals from this world’s cruelty. Organizations of PETA and WWF spread awareness and work to protect the animals. Animals are also kept as detection dogs in police forces which is considered as an honor to the animals. Animals are used for joyous rides from horses, camels and elephants by children.  On the 3 rd of march every year, people celebrate the World Wildlife Day to spread the awareness that the animals are in danger and needs to be protected.

Animals are more reliable friends than human can ever be, dogs, cats or monkeys will never betray us as they are loyal and faithful to their companions. Animals play a very important role in our lives, humans and earth needs the animals more than animals need humans, human race depends on animals lives otherwise they cannot survive. Thus, it is our duty to protect the animals from any type of cruelty.

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Essay On Animals

500+ words essay on animals, the different animal species and their importance.

The planet we live on is home to both humans and animals. An animal is a living creature, which is part of a group of multicellular eukaryotic organisms. These organisms have special sense organs and nervous systems and are capable of locomotion and reproduction. All animals breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and with the exception of a few, most animals consume organic matter. 

Animals are very important for the environment. We need them for several things from companionship to food and even balancing the ecosystem. There are several species of animals in the world and they live on land and water. Each of these animals has a unique place in the environment and are crucial to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. And each of them has a purpose for their existence. The study of animals is called biology.

In this essay on animals, you’ll learn about the different species of animals and how they’re classified. This essay on animals also talks about the importance of animals.

Essay On Animals: The Different Species Of Animals

Animals are divided into different groups or species in Biology. It is estimated that the world has over 7 million species of animals. According to biology, animals can be classified into two groups, vertebrates and invertebrates. 


All animals that have a backbone are called vertebrates. Vertebrates can be further classified into 5 groups, mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles.


Invertebrates are animals, which do not have a backbone. About 95% of the animal kingdom is made up of invertebrates, which are mostly insects. The eight different types of invertebrates, which can be found today are: annelida, arthropoda, cnidaria, echinodermata, mollusca, nematoda, platyhelminthes and porifera. Some examples of invertebrates are mosquitoes, spiders, earthworm, jellyfish, snails, squid, bees etc.

Classifying Animals Based On Food

Like us humans, animals also need food to survive. Animals can be further classified into 3 kinds based on what they eat. 

Also explore: Read some more essay on animals with Essay on Cat , Essay On Dog and Essay On Tiger .

Essay On Animals: The Importance Of Animals

Animals are important for the environment and even our lives. They serve as our companions, our eyes and ears, our workers and even provide us with food. They are extremely vital to maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem. 

Humans and animals have to learn to coexist. A healthy ecosystem is dependent on relationships between different organisms, food webs and food chains. Protecting animals is important because it could have disastrous consequences on our ecosystem. Additionally, they have an equal right to survive in this world just as much as humans.

We hope you found this essay on animals interesting and helpful. Check Osmo’s essays for kids to explore more essays on a wide variety of topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Animals

What are animals.

Animals are multicellular, eukaryotic organisms that have special sense organs and nervous systems. They breathe in oxygen, consume organic matter and are capable of reproduction and locomotion.

How are animals classified?

Animals are classified into two main types: vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates are animals with fur and a backbone. These vertebrates can be further classified into mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Invertebrates are animals that don’t have a backbone. 95% of the animals in the animal kingdom are invertebrates.

How are animals important for humans?

Animals are extremely important for us humans. We use them for food, transportation, companionship, as workers, for medicine etc. They are also important to maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

6 Tips for Writing a Great Essay about Animals

For the longest time, humans have utilized animals as pets, livestock, experimental subjects, or even as a display to the public. For the most part, animals can serve to make people’s lives easier. Before machines were invented, animals were used to the plow the farmlands, to transport baggage and people, or even kept as pets. Before a medicine became safe for human consumption, it was tested on animals first. In a sense, utilizing animals this way can help save human lives. Indeed, animals have been part of our daily lives. So if you are looking to write an essay about animals, there are plenty of topics to choose from.

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There are plenty of topics about animals For instance, the use of animals for testing. How justifiable is using animals for medical purposes compared to cosmetics? Another topic to consider is about keeping animals in zoos. Would it be good for animals to be kept in zoos as opposed to leaving them out in the wild? Are zoos taking good care to wild animals? You can also tackle about careers related to animals such as veterinarians, zoo-keepers, or pet grooming. What prompted these people to do what they do? How fulfilling are their jobs to themselves? Or you may want to explore how keeping animals as pets help people psychologically. Which animals are usually kept as pets and what are the existing studies regarding this. Aside from these topics, you can address animal-related issues such as animal rights. For instance, is putting animal fur on human clothes a violence against animals? Is hunting as a sport can be called violence against animals? And many other animal-related topics you can find around you.

To help you write a good essay about animals, academic writers from Essay Kitchen recommend following these six tips.

Come up with a thesis statement After choosing a topic related to animals, come up with your thesis statement. A thesis statement is the central idea of your essay. In other words, this is the stand of your paper regarding the issue at hand. For instance, the topic is on animal testing. One possible thesis statement is: “Using animals for testing is inhumane.” You will have to defend your thesis statement all throughout your paper answering the thesis statement: why do you think that using animals for testing is inhumane? Aside from including your position on the issue at hand, the thesis statement should be provided early in your paper, preferably within the introduction. This should be presented in clear and concise manner.

Establish an outline Now that you have your topic and thesis statement, you must establish an outline to help you logically argue your stand on the issue at hand. An outline can help you organize your thoughts, as well as establish the scopes and limitations of your paper. Your outline should be in line with your thesis statement, as well as the standard essay format of this sequence: introduction, body paragraph/s, and conclusion.

your paper feel complete, leaving readers satisfied with what they have learned from you. The standard rule of thumb is that the conclusion should respond to the thesis statement based on the findings from your arguments. You must provide first an overview of your thesis and arguments, then reiterate how relevant these arguments in the resolution of your essay. You can also present recommendations in the conclusion, or a new perspective on your topic. Take in mind that you must be careful not to present here your speculations or any new information.

Writing your own essay about animals When writing an essay about animals, the mentioned six (6) tips can help you. There are plenty of topics to discuss animals. To give you a start, see list below:

Finally So, in writing a good essay about animals, first understand your assignment; think about your topic and thesis statement. Next, establish your outline. Then do a research that supports your argument. Finally, wrap up your essay with a conclusion.

Animal Essay

writing essay about animals

The Animals Of Animal Animals

“The animals of this world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans anymore than black people were made for whites.-Alice Walker There are many fears in the world, for one animals are afraid of us. They probably think that we humans would hurt them. And they 're actually right, we use them for clothes, food, transportation and entertainment. For me, these are really good valid reasons to be afraid. Throughout the years, there have been many adjustment in how to treat animals, which

Animals: Animals Should Not Be Used As Animals

I think exotic animals should not be used as pets because they can cause harm to one another. They can put someone in a hospital. They could probably kill you even. Maybe if they were big enough,they could try to eat you. Those reasons are why you don’t want exotic animals. One reason is because they can serious damage to you or something. Nobody wants an animal that can cause damage. If they were to cause enough damage they could make your bills go higher. A way they can cause damage is that

Exotic Animal Animals

Should Citizens be able to Own Exotic Animals? What exactly is an “Exoctic animal”? An animal that’s isn’t usually kept as a pet. For instance, a Lion, Scorpion, or even a Tarantula. No, citizens should not be able to own exotic animals. I say this for many reasons, one of which is the simple fact that these animals are far to dangerous for any person who isn’t a zoologist to care for. Exotic animals aren’t domesticated, in other words, they are not tamed. That fact is what many

Animal Sympathy In Animals

Animal sympathy is the ability of animals to form connections and feel the emotions of other organisms and to sympathize with their owners and their animal counterparts. Animal sympathy is rarely considered or just investigated among a limited number of species, such as whales. This is mostly because the human aspect in the relationship between man and animal is usually mentioned by the written media as it is more likely easier to understand by the targeted audience. However, it is also important

Animals And Animal Nature

every sort of animal, each producing offspring of the same kind—livestock, small animals that scurry along the ground, and wild animals. Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us. They will reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock, all the wild animals on the earth, and the small animals that scurry along the ground. Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along

Animals Save For Animals

been crucified for housing some of these animals. This problem has been arising for quite some time but no one seems to acknowledge it. The problem isn't with the zoos housing the animals it is that there are animals in the wild that are constantly being hunted. These animals need to be protected and saved from the different dangers they encounter. Zoos provide animals a safe place to live and they also help fund programs assembled to protect the animals in the zoo and in the wild. They are vital

Descriptive Animal Animals

A few years ago, me and my Mom went to a fall exotic animal auction, which took place over by Pierz. It was mid October sothe mornings had a bite to them and the days were cool. We woke up at 6:00 in the morning so we could get our rabbits, which we were bringing to the auction to sell, settled in their cages. We had filled each cage with hay the night before so they would be warm for the ride there and for the time they’d be stuck sitting in their cages. After we loaded them up, we headed to the

Farm Animals, Service Animals And Domestication Animals

time we have farm animals, service animals, and companion animals which benefit us in many ways . Humans wanted desired aspects of the animal anything from showing the animals for prizes to breeding the biggest and strongest for food production. Animals born in the wild are very different from body build to how the hair grows and the natural behavior a wild animal compared to a domesticated animal will not let you touch it because of their flight zones. The first domesticated animals were the dog and

Animal Abuse And Animal Neglect

When one discusses the topic of animal abuse, normally domestics such as cats and dogs come to one’s mind. However, farm animals and livestock also suffer from animal abuse and neglect. In many rural places of southeast Ohio, cases of animal neglect go unseen or ignored. Cows, pigs, chickens, and other stock animals do not receive proper food, water, and vet care. However, the community can change the lives of these animals for the better if they implement change. Education and awareness need

Animal Testing: An Animal Experiment

Researchers define animal testing as an experiment where a living animal undergoes a procedure that causes them to go through pain, distress, suffering, or permanent and physical damage. In general, the experiments consist of radiation exposure, injections, inhalation of harmful gases, removal of any body parts, internal and external, and the exposure of terrifying situations that causes stress and depression for the animals (Scutti). Currently, a wide range of animals are being used for research

Animal Slaughtering Is The Killing Of Animals

Animal slaughtering is the killing of animals; most of them domestic, and mainly for the purpose of human consumption. Many different types of animal slaughtering methods have been created such as; carbon dioxide, inert gas hypoxia, captive bolt pistol, gunshot, exsanguination, and many other that are not regulated. Such varying methods have evolved since the beginning of times, but with the increasing rates of the human population a faster way of slaughtering needed to be created in order to keep

Why Are Animals Endangered Animals

Why are animals being endangered? Endangered species are any species that’s threatened; their numbers of is being decreased and have the danger of getting extinct. A threatened animal is likely to become endangered in the upcoming future. There are many causes of animal endangerment some reasons are, habitat loss that is mainly caused by natural disasters, the introduction of new species, pollution, and overconsumption. Also, humans play a major role in animal’s endangerment. Habitat loss is one

Examples Of Animals In Animal Farm

novel, all social classes of animals are discontented because of the treatment they get from their owner, Mr. Jones. On the farm, Jones “‘sets them [the animals] to work’” to grow and gather the resources on the farm. They also breed more animals, which are then taken away. Therefore, “‘he gives back to them the bare minimum that will prevent them from starving, and he keeps the rest for himself’” (8). Jones cares about what he makes from the farm, meaning that the animals are not well cared for because

Animal Testing For Animals Essay

Innocent animals are thrust into the horrors of war every battle humans create. These non-human creatures are cruelly experimented with excruciating weapons, used as “meat shields” to protect soldiers, and fight for no cause. The use of these animals is inhumane and atrocious. Animals should not be used for war as long as the military's current methods of experimentation, speciesism, and involuntary usage of the animals are to be continued. Firstly; Each year thousands of animals perish by cause

Animals Are Losing Their Fear Of Animals

Mike Conover, Ph.D., Professor, Berryman Institute and Department of Wildland Resources of USU said, “Animals are losing their fear of people and people are losing their fear of animals, so it's a deadly combination. Fifty years ago, if somebody saw a wolf they'd be terrified, and they would go inside and bolt the front door of their house. And now, of course, people travel to Yellowstone National Park to see one and they get as close as they can to get a good photograph,". Conover said that when

Animal Rights Against Animals

death. Animals like sheep, cows, chickens, and goats are slaughtered for their meat. The animals are all butchered in a place called a slaughterhouse. Slaughterhouses are horrible places where humans believe they have the right to treat animals any way they want as long as they get the meat they need. People who eat meat need to understand what happens to an animal before it winds up on a plate.Animals can not defend themselves against humans. Therefore, someone else must defend the animals. Slaughterhouses

Effects Of Eating Animals On Animals

Imagine a world with no plants. A world where animals starve because their food has been used up. A world where everything is dying. An apocalyptic, barren world. This is the track the world is on right now due to how many people are eating vegetables these days and vegetarians and vegans are the worst offenders! The implications of eating vegetables and other plant life are vast. As a result, plant eaters are depleting the amount of oxygen made in our world by these plants which means there is

The Importance Of Animals And Animal Life

also must consider the animals and plants lifestyle. Nowadays, people do not recognize the damages they do to society. As each year passes, each person’s changes the way they think and contributes a domino effect. When trees are cut down and other landmarks are used to build supermarkets or hotels, humans are taking away homes of those creatures and their food supply to survive. Humans unknowingly and knowingly, at times relocate animals to various locations and that animal must change its habitat

Animal Testing On Animals

Testing on animals for pharmaceutical products is happening all over the world with not much talk about it. “For drugs and biologics, the focus of animal testing is on the drug’s nature, chemistry, and effects (pharmacology) and on its potential damage to the body (toxicology)” (FDA, “ Why Are Animals . . .”). A lot of people read on the label time and time again “Product Tested on Animals” not knowing just how cruel some of these testing methods actually are. “Vaccine testing in particular consumes

Animal Exploitation Of Animals

Animal exploitation has been going on forever and still is present. Numerous amounts of individuals are causing the animals to suffer just for their own advantage and benefit. People don’t realise how much hardships these animals are put through just for a meal, entertainment, clothing, captivity, etc. These animals go through this yet it can replaced with something other than animals. You can eat other things other than an pig, cow, lamb, etc, and still have all the nutrients, and protein that those

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Essay on Animals | Animals Essay for Students and Children in English

May 26, 2020 by Prasanna

Essay on Animals: The presence of animals is essential because it maintains the balance in the ecosystem. In today’s world, some animals also serve as companions and help reduce our stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Every organism has a unique place in the food chain, and each contributes to maintaining the existence of life on this planet. The man had learned early that with their more complex and advanced mind, they are superior to any other animal on the Earth.

What makes man superior to them? Humans had learned the ways they can use some animals for their survival, like for transportation or as a food source.

You can read more  Essay Writing  about articles, events, people, sports, technology many more.

Long and Short Essays on Animals for Students and Kids in English

We are providing students with essay samples, both long and short essay type, on the topic ‘Animals.’ We will also include ten pointers on the same topic so that the students can use these to construct their essays.

On the topic ‘Science,’ we are providing readers with long essays of 400-500 words and short essays of 100-200 words. Animal essay will help the students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6; whereas, the long essay will be highly beneficial for students of classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Long Essay on Animals 500 Words in English

The living organisms that are eukaryotes and formed of numerous cells and those who sexually reproduce are called animals. Animals play a unique role in maintaining the balance of nature. Several animal species exist in both land and water, and each has a purpose for their existence.

The animals are divided into particular groups in biology for better understanding of their species like- amphibians (the animals that can live on both land and water), reptiles (scaled body and cold-blooded animals), mammals (the animals that give birth to the offspring in the womb and has mammary glands), birds (forelimbs evolved to wings, mostly feather-covered body, and lays eggs for giving birth), fishes (has fins in place of limbs, and gills for respiration in water), insects (they are mostly six-legged or more, and most have a head, thorax, and abdomen), etc.

Since human beings’ existence and evolution, we have established ourselves as the greater and more superior species for our sophisticated and more advanced way of thinking and applying. Humans have also learned to use animals for their benefit and have realized how to incorporate animals into our social lives. Animal husbandry is not a new practice done and has been in existence for a very long time.

The bond between humans and animals has increased, and now both coexist with a mutual understanding of nature. We have also strived to preserve the near exist and rare species through modern modes of conservation like zoological gardens and sanctuaries.

We have used animals for clothes, food, transportation, and entertainment. Animals have also been beneficial for us to discover new things from research and tests. Several vaccines and medicines are the blessings of the resources we obtained from animals. Animals have also been a part of outer-space explorations, which has achieved milestones in scientific discoveries.

Among these activities, some were for good reasons and to sustain a livelihood, but some were just the act of evil and torture the poor animals. With the modernization of the world, people started thinking about animals and worked for their rights.

It is essential to realize that with power, great responsibility comes as well. Hence, we should never abuse animals for our benefits. As good human beings, we must always revolt against any inhumane activity that harms our fellow wild friends.

Esssay about Animals

Short Essay on Animals 150 words in English

From the beginning of human civilization, we have interacted with wildlife. Before trade and commerce existed, human life had to depend on animal resources in some places solely. Our ancestors who lived in caves and were nomads and some big animals were a threat to their life.

But eventually, they learned to fight and survive and use the skin of the animal for clothing as a layer of protection from cold, used the meat as food or bait, and also came to use ivory elements as utensils or ornaments. Now animals contribute to many more aspects like our transportation, social life, economy, etc. Hence, it is our responsibility to preserve and protect them against any abuse that is not necessary for our existence.

10 Lines on Essay on Animals in English

Esssay on Animals

FAQ’s on Essay on Animals

Question 1. What is the study of animals called?

Answer: The scientific study of animals is called zoology, which involves research and discoveries about different animals.

Question 2. What is the definition of animals?

Answer: The animals are the multi-cellular eukaryotic (living) organisms that belong to the biological kingdom ‘Animalia’ and can sexually reproduce (other than the asexual animals).

Question 3. What is a zoo?

Answer: A ‘zoo’ is the abbreviation of the zoological garden or zoological park, and it is a confined facility that encloses several breeds of animals. A zoo is a place open for public viewing, and the purpose of this facility is to entertain and educate the people while also serving as a scientific research opportunity for those species present in the zoo. Zoos are also used for rare species conservation and are regulated by the government.

Question 4. What are the living organisms other than plants, which are not considered to be animals?

Answer: Apart from plants and animal species, several living organisms exist on Earth. Examples of some of these organisms are bacteria, protozoa, algae, fungi, etc.

How to Write an Expository Essay on an Animal

Last Updated: September 15, 2021

This article was co-authored by Bess Ruff, MA . Bess Ruff is a Geography PhD student at Florida State University. She received her MA in Environmental Science and Management from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2016. She has conducted survey work for marine spatial planning projects in the Caribbean and provided research support as a graduate fellow for the Sustainable Fisheries Group. This article has been viewed 76,251 times.

Expository essays describe a particular topic and provide the reader with relevant information. An expository essay about an animal can take a variety of different directions. Choose a topic that interests you, outline and write your essay, and then proofread your work before turning it in.

Outlining and Researching

Image titled Document a Process Step 1

Image titled Write an Expository Essay on an Animal Step 2

Image titled Write an Expository Essay on an Animal Step 3

Image titled Write an Expository Essay on an Animal Step 4

Writing the Essay

Image titled Write an Expository Essay on an Animal Step 5

Image titled Write an Expository Essay on an Animal Step 6

Image titled Write an Expository Essay on an Animal Step 7

Image titled Write an Expository Essay on an Animal Step 8

Reviewing Your Work

Image titled Write an Expository Essay on an Animal Step 9

Image titled Write an Expository Essay on an Animal Step 10

Community Q&A

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writing essay about animals

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Essay Topics About Animals to Help You Brainstorm Ideas

Updated 12 Jan 2023

From middle school to college, we are often required to write all kinds of essays. This includes persuasive, informative, argumentative, and other types of essays. Animal essays can be in any of these categories, but the point is the same - their focus is on exciting topics concerning living creatures.

Luckily, there are a lot of animals essay topics, and many of them are controversial. But coming up with a good topic isn’t always that easy. It’s essential to have the correct facts to support your claims while hitting that “sweet spot” where all people will have an opinion on the topic.

This can often be difficult if you love animals because you’re emotionally involved, and everything about these creatures is important to you. That’s why we’ve decided to share some advice and topic suggestions with you.

Finding the Right Essay Topics about Animals 

Humans and living creatures have a long history together. That’s why there are so many different topics to explore. You can talk about zoos, animal rights, human interaction with them, as well as whether any living creatures should be used for testing, and so much more.

If you’re wondering how to write a persuasive essay , here are some tips that can help you come up with the right topic and come up with a proper structure for your animal essay. 

All of the topics connected to worlds’ living things you choose need to have the right information to support your claims. Ensure whether there’s enough research for a topic and, more importantly, useful facts that will give your credibility. 

When you come up with a topic, take a deeper look into it. What will it have to cover? What is the relevant information for that topic? How many words will it need? Take the time to understand what this topic will encompass. 

Think about a topic that interests you and you don’t know the answer to. This will make the whole process more interesting for you. At the same time, it will make it easier to include relevant information in your essay. Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it will help you kill with your essay.

List of Essay Topics about Animals

To help you brainstorm a topic for your essay, we’ve gathered a list of 170 topics. These topics can work really well, but it’s crucial to rely on your intuition and interests when choosing one. You must be sure that you’ll be able to write the paper.

Essay Examples Relevant to Animals

Argumentative Essay Topics About Animals

Essay Examples Relevant to Argumentative Essay About Animals

Persuasive Essay Topics About Animals

Essay Examples Relevant to Persuasive Essay About Animals


Go through our list of animal essay topics to find inspiration. Take the time to choose the right subject, and we guarantee you will write a better essay. Not only this, but it will actually be fun!

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130+ Environmental Essay Topics That Will Earn You High Grades

Environmental issues are as relevant as ever, so there is a high chance that your teacher or instructor might assign you a paper on the topic. Howe...

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writing essay about animals

Writing for Animals

New perspectives for writers and instructors to educate and inspire.

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writing essay about animals

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Writing for Animals is popular with both writing and animal studies programs. For more information about each essay, please feel free to check out the contributor Q&As on our blog .

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writing essay about animals

“[John] Yunker has gathered an all-star team for this valuable how-to book.” The Revelator

A unique anthology of articles and essays to inspire animal-themed creative writing

Despite all we know about the sentience of animals, society tends to view and treat nonhuman animals as lesser creatures. And for society to change its views, writers must change their views. We must look closely at how we depict animals and ask ourselves difficult questions. For example, are we using animals for our writing in a way that is authentic and fair? Or are we using them for our own purposes, leading to further misconceptions and abuses?

As our awareness awakens about animals’ intelligence, sensitivity, and social and emotional lives, literature is beginning to reflect this change in awareness. Yet little has been written about the process of writing about animals, from crafting point of view to giving animals realistic voices.

Writers face many questions and choices in their work, from how to educate without being didactic to how to develop animals as characters for an audience that still views them as ingredients. In this book, writers will find myriad voices to assist them in writing about animals, from tips about craft to understanding the responsibility of writing about animals.

Praise for Writing for Animals

“ Writing for Animals provides impetus and direction for writers who are ready to get on with the doing. It is practical. It’s process-focused. It makes an urgent case for writing about the beings we share the planet with now—before it’s too late, and before there’s no one left to write for.” The Australasian Animal Studies Association Journal
“How can fiction writers give authentic voices to animals and the issues that affect them? Playwright and novelist [John] Yunker has gathered an all-star team for this valuable how-to book.” The Revelator

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Ashland Creek Press is an independent, vegan-owned publisher of eco-literature, which includes books in all genres about animals, the environment, and the planet we all call home. We are passionate about books that foster an appreciation for worlds outside our own, for nature and the animal kingdom, and for the ways in which we all connect.

writing essay about animals


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    Animals are the creatures of God and has been made to help human's environment. They provide humans with food and soil with nutrition's, they

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    Essay On Animals: The Importance Of Animals ... Animals are important for the environment and even our lives. They serve as our companions, our eyes and ears, our

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    Animals carry a lot of importance in our lives. They offer humans with food and many other things. For instance, we consume meat, eggs, dairy products.

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