argumentative in a sentence

  • Clarke said, drawing an objection that the question was argumentative .
  • Between them, they've written thousands of argumentative columns.
  • "I'm not argumentative or controversial,"
  • Former Coach Dan Reeves constantly spoke about the argumentative draft room.
  • But those rankings currently are for informational and argumentative purposes only.
  • It's difficult to find argumentative in a sentence.
  • -- Does she share and take turns or become argumentative ?
  • But I was overwhelmed by the argumentative nature of the practice.
  • There may be a convention of argumentative crows outside your window.
  • His style of prose writing is mostly discursive rather than argumentative .
  • He becomes argumentative and short-tempered which Leanne finds difficult.
  • The show is marketed as being sharp, witty and argumentative .
  • Repeatedly uses argumentative tone making it extremely difficult to continue discussion.
  • From Tamworth Blake carried on his writing of argumentative theological works.
  • :I don't find this aggressively argumentative tone constructive.
  • The atmosphere was argumentative before I made either of those remarks.

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Jumbled sentences MAKER

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Create your own jumbled sentences.

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Synonyms (disputatious): antagonistic , bellicose , belligerent , cantankerous , captious , combative , contentious , contrary , litigious , opinionated , pugnacious , quarrelsome , truculent

Antonyms (disputatious): accommodating , amenable , complaisant , dovish , easygoing , friendly , obliging , peaceable

argumentative sentence maker

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Sentence Maker

Sentence Maker

About Sentence Maker

Sentence Maker app is a simple sentence-forming app aimed at kindergarten and preschool that can help kids to practice sight words and sentence structure. 

Teacher Review

What is sentence maker.

Sentence Maker is a simple yet effective app that has easy-to-understand user interface and allows students to add their own words to it and record themselves speaking it loud. There is a comprehensive settings screen that allows teachers to customize the app to the student's level of understanding. It is a good sentence builder app which helps the kids to elevate the understanding of sentence structure.

What's it about?

This app allows children to work on building sentences. The app is fully customizable and easy to customize. The child matches written words and pictures to words in sentences at bottom of the screen. The parent, teacher or therapist can customize with unique word lists and sentence length from 2 words to 5 word sentences. You can also customize the app with your own voice. By making customized word lists and recording custom audio, this app could be used for children speaking languages other than English. The pictures included are photographs of real objects and are high quality, sharp photos. You can also add your own pictures.

The app reads the word when it is selected providing auditory feedback and vocabulary/reading practice. This app is easy for readers. We have children build the sentence and then repeat the sentences. This app is good for children who use primarily single words or very short phrases as an activity to encourage sentence length. This app could be used to practice spelling words or reading sight words. We have used this app with children between the developmental ages of 3 and 8 with diagnoses of autism, speech delay and Treacher Collins Syndrome. It is very easy for the older kids who are good readers. We also used it for sentence building and reinforcement for using multi-word utterances.

App Details


In-App Purchases - No

In-App Advertising - No

Published Date - 01/01/1970

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Download Sentence Maker

Screenshots for sentence maker.

Sentence Maker


Sentence Maker is an exciting interactive game that helps your child rapidly learn to make and complete their own sentences all with just the touch of their finger. The interface is so easy to use that even a 9 month old baby will delight in moving their first words around the page. Ideal for ages 1 to 6. Features • Everything is fully customizable • Turn Tile Magnets ON or OFF from the settings page. • Add your own voice - now your toddler can learn everything in mommy's or daddy's voice • Add your own items - add your own pictures and start making sentences with the items around your home! • Uses real, crisp photographs that are carefully hand picked and selected vs. cartoonish illustrations • Multi-sensory learning tool - combining seeing, hearing, and tactile feedback • Don't like some of the existing items... no problem, just delete any item your kid does not enjoy • Multi-language support - since you can edit existing items and add new items, you can record everything in your native tongue • Add new letters - you can even add new letters that are unique to your language to make this app work in any language • You can even customize all of the game and success sounds so that your little one hears your words of appreciation • Sentence hints - if you want to learn just by sight, you can turn the sentence hints off • Visual hints - if you want to learn just by sound, you can hide the images • Word hints - if you don't want to show the letter hints in the destination tiles, you can turn them off • Sentence order - you can go from A to Z or in random order • Word order - you can go in any order or require that words are spelled from left to right • Letter case - uppercase, lowercase, and capitalized spelling is supported • Create new lists - want to help your little one with a specific set of words? No problem, just create a new list of words • Customize items - every item is fully customizable (text, audio, and image). You can also add your own photos • Customize letters - you can change the recorded voice for each of the letters • Customize success sounds - can even customize the success sounds so that your little one hears your words of appreciation

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Sentence Changer

argumentative sentence maker

There are four types of sentences, and in the interest of varying sentence structure students should learn how to convert from one sentence type to another. This can be confusing but using a complex sentence maker will simplify the task.

argumentative sentence maker

Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences

Of the four sentence types the ones you will encounter most often are the simple sentence, the compound sentence and the complex sentence.

Top 10 Rules on Sentence Transformation

There will be times when your paper is best served by converting from one sentence type to another. Here are the top 10 rules for sentence transformation.

help with sentence structure

The rules for transforming one type of sentence into another can be confusing. If you are unsure how to change a simple sentence to a compound, complex sentence or are experiencing problems with sentence transformation you may want to try using an online simple English sentence changer when editing.

Editing Strategies for Checking Simple and Complex Sentences

The following are some techniques and approaches you can use when editing simple and complex sentences.

how to change a simple sentence to a compound, complex sentence

If you are unfamiliar with all the different sentence parts and need help with sentence structure try using a sentence breakdown tool such as the one we offer.

argumentative sentence maker

About Our Convert Complex Sentence to Simple App

How do I rephrase my sentence is a question students frequently ask. You can convert simple English to professional English and other rephrasing tasks using our complicated sentence generator. Because of the many features it has, the proper sentence structure checker we offer is the ideal tool for proofreading and editing sentences.

complex sentence maker functions

Its many features make it an excellent tool for proofreading and editing but there are also additional benefits when you use our simple sentence converter:

Using Our Complex Sentence Changer

Whether you need a sentence converter from simple to complex or to join two independent clauses our sentence combiner tool is up to the job. Changing the structure of sentences is often necessary to improve clarity, to correct errors or to avoid text that is too similar to others. Our proper sentence structure checker can detect errors like sentence fragments, missing subordinating conjunctions and independent clauses improperly joined. It will then recommend corrections to fix the sentence structure problem. Using the tool is simple.

Try our complex sentence maker today and submit well-written papers with perfectly structured sentences on every assignment!

argumentative sentence maker

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  1. argumentative in a sentence

    use argumentative in a sentence, and argumentative example sentences 1. Clarke said, drawing an objection that the question was argumentative. 2. Between them, they've written thousands of argumentative columns

  2. Jumbled sentences MAKER

    Normal to complex english. Ever wanted to make a random text generator?

  3. Argumentative

    Download and use 10,000+ Sentence Maker Online stock photos for free. ✓ Thousands of new images every day ✓ Completely Free to Use ✓ High-quality videos and images from Pexels

  4. Sentence Maker Review

    Sentence Maker app is a simple sentence-forming app aimed at kindergarten and preschool that can help kids to practice sight words and sentence structure

  5. Online Complex Sentence Maker for Perfectly Structured Text

    Use an online simple sentence finder and complex sentence maker to identify and correct sentence structure problems and convert sentence types

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