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effects of bullying essay

Knowing how to write a college essay is a useful skill for anyone who plans to go to college. Most colleges and universities ask you to submit a writing sample with your application. As a student, you’ll also write essays in your courses. Impress your professors with your knowledge and skill by using these great essay writing tips.

Prepare to Answer the Question

Most college essays ask you to answer a question or synthesize information you learned in class. Review notes you have from lectures, read the recommended texts and make sure you understand the topic. You should refer to these sources in your essay.

effects of bullying essay

Plan Your Essay

Many students see planning as a waste of time, but it actually saves you time. Take a few minutes to think about the topic and what you want to say about it. You can write an outline, draw a chart or use a graphic organizer to arrange your ideas. This gives you a chance to spot problems in your ideas before you spend time writing out the paragraphs.

Choose a Writing Method That Feels Comfortable

You might have to type your essay before turning it in, but that doesn’t mean you have to write it that way. Some people find it easy to write out their ideas by hand. Others prefer typing in a word processor where they can erase and rewrite as needed. Find the one that works best for you and stick with it.

effects of bullying essay

View It as a Conversation

Writing is a form of communication, so think of your essay as a conversation between you and the reader. Think about your response to the source material and the topic. Decide what you want to tell the reader about the topic. Then, stay focused on your response as you write.

effects of bullying essay

Provide the Context in the Introduction

If you look at an example of an essay introduction, you’ll see that the best essays give the reader a context. Think of how you introduce two people to each other. You share the details you think they will find most interesting. Do this in your essay by stating what it’s about and then telling readers what the issue is.

effects of bullying essay

Explain What Needs to be Explained

Sometimes you have to explain concepts or define words to help the reader understand your viewpoint. You also have to explain the reasoning behind your ideas. For example, it’s not enough to write that your greatest achievement is running an ultra marathon. You might need to define ultra marathon and explain why finishing the race is such an accomplishment.

effects of bullying essay

Answer All the Questions

After you finish writing the first draft of your essay, make sure you’ve answered all the questions you were supposed to answer. For example, essays in compare and contrast format should show the similarities and differences between ideas, objects or events. If you’re writing about a significant achievement, describe what you did and how it affected you.

effects of bullying essay

Stay Focused as You Write

Writing requires concentration. Find a place where you have few distractions and give yourself time to write without interruptions. Don’t wait until the night before the essay is due to start working on it.

effects of bullying essay

Read the Essay Aloud to Proofread

When you finish writing your essay, read it aloud. You can do this by yourself or ask someone to listen to you read it. You’ll notice places where the ideas don’t make sense, and your listener can give you feedback about your ideas.

effects of bullying essay

Avoid Filling the Page with Words

A great essay does more than follow an essay layout. It has something to say. Sometimes students panic and write everything they know about a topic or summarize everything in the source material. Your job as a writer is to show why this information is important.


effects of bullying essay

Effects of bullying

Many people falsely think that bullying others as well as getting bullied by others is a part of everyone’s life. Contrary to this misbelief, the truth is that bullying affects an individual beyond anyone’s imagination and in some adverse cases; the victims of bullying are forced to take extreme steps, which can be dangerous to them as well as the accused. Many people also defend the practice of bullying by saying that it is a part of growing up and that it helps kids in standing up for themselves. While some kids do actually stand up to themselves and fight back; there are others who just crumble down into introvert and recluse individuals. These kids not only face problems while growing up; rather the effect of bullying stays with them for a long time, sometimes for their entire lifetime.

Adverse effects of bullying:

Depression and anxiety.

Needless to say, kids who are bullied experience depression on various different levels depending on the severity of bullying. While most of the kids do not talk about bullying initially at their homes; parents should always keep a check on their child’s behavior and level of interaction in order to detect any such problem at the earliest. Children who are bullied often do not feel comfortable in talking about it. The level of anxiety and depression can cause serious issues; hence parents should be more like friends with kids so that they can discuss their problems without hesitation.

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Changes in sleeping and eating patterns

The feeling of being insulted is not easy to take; especially when you are dealing with kids. Children who are being bullied are often not able to eat properly. They also find it very difficult to fall asleep; knowing that the same humiliating routine is waiting for them the next day. If you notice that your child is not eating properly or if they are not getting enough sleep, it is high time you should talk to them regarding any issues that they may be facing.

Feeling of sadness and loneliness

One of the most common effects of bullying is the feeling of loneliness and sadness. Kids who get bullied at school are seen spending lesser time with their parents and siblings. These kids also refrain themselves from going out as well as mingling with peers. The reason is that these kids are going through extreme mental stress and disappointment. The fear of being bullied also makes them recluse.

Loss of interest in their favorite activities

Is there some activity that your kid used to love before but has now completely lost interest in? If yes, there are chances that your child is being bullied and he/ she is thinking about it all the time. When kids are under stress, they tend to lose interest in even their favorite activities.

Decreased academic achievement

Children who are bullied tend to lose interest in studies as well and this clearly reflects on their report cards. If your otherwise intelligent kid is facing problems in scoring well, chances are that they are being bullied and are unable to cope with the humiliation and stress.

Bullying has several adverse effects on a child’s mind and it can affect their life to a very large extent.

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effects of bullying essay

The Causes and Effects of Bullying

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The Causes and Effects of Bullying Essay

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effects of bullying essay

School Bullying: Causes and Effects

Bullying has become one of the most urgent problems in modern society. It comes from different sources and affects victims’ psychological state and quality of life. In this essay, we analyze the causes of bullying in school, its effects on victims, and mitigation measures that should be taken.

Cause and Effect of Bullying: Essay Introduction

Cause of bullying in school, bullying causes and effects: mitigation measures, works cited, essay voice-over.

Bullying is one of the main challenges children are facing at schools. It is a global problem that is currently affecting many youth. The rate at which bullying cases are reported makes a lot of worries to parents. The issue is serious to the extent that many children have learnt to live with it and some have created the notion that bullying is part of their life in the early years of their development. Several cases,especially in the United States and Japan, have been reported about children humiliation, mistreatments, physical attacks, and even rape cases of young female learners.

The effects of bullying to a child can be very traumatizing if not carefully addressed. These effects sometimes are long lasting and can provoke the victim to take dangerous measures to forget the incidences. According to Rigby (64), bullying experiences can cost lives to the victims, if not prevented in time. In New York it is reported that a young immigrant killed herself due to excessive bullying. This researcher argues that it is high time for the issue of bullying in schools to be addressed. The notion that bullying is a rite of passage should be eliminated. This research paper aims at exploring the causes, effects, and the possible solutions to bullying in schools.

According to Olweus (34), there are many reasons that lead to bullying in schools. One of the main causes is the cultural factor. This includes race and ethnicity. A child may be a bully or a victim if he or she comes from a majority race or the minority race respectively. Another cause of bullying in schools is the nature of life a child is exposed to. In many families in the developed countries, children are comfortably allowed to watch TV even in their bedrooms. Instead of studying, such children spend their time playing computer games. The games they play make them bullies because they see others practice the same.

According to Tattumand Lane (27), high expectations of parents on their children contribute to bullying. This is the case because a child will spend a lot of time studying so as to perform well and meet the parents’ expectations. Failure to achieve the target may develop stress in a child and they will express anger through shouting or bullying fellow learners. Another cause of bullying in schools emanates from the social status of the family. A child from a humble background will always have some pressurizing needs that are not met. This child will always want to express this frustration to the fellow learners, especially those coming from stable families by bullying them.

The effects of bullying as mentioned above can be very traumatizing. Victims of bullying may opt for dropping out of school because of the trauma they experience while at school. Others may develop irresponsible behavior that involves missing classes in most of the occasions. School irregularities among the learners result in poor performance. Bullying leads to stress among the victims. This in turn results into poor communication with these children. McGrath (44) argues that, in some cases, excessive bullying can lead to victims committing suicide to escape from the painful experiences and memories.

Some of the effects are short term, but if not well addressed, they can result into serious complications. The victims may have bed-wetting problems, unexplained worries, and digestive problems because of the fear that is instilled in them. Some victims with the intention of hitting back may develop very destructive behavior. Other victims may end up engaging in drug abuse to make them forget the painful experiences. Bullying affects the normal development of victims and makes them have low self-esteem (Dupper 62).

Mitigating bullying in schools is not a one-man battle. Since it is a global issue, it calls for a collaborative and participatory approach in addressing the problem. Teachers, parents and the policy makers have a big role to play in curbing this bad behavior in schools. Teachers spend much of the time with the learners and therefore, can easily control their behavior while in school. They should be very tough and keen to identify the bullies and expel or suspend them from school to avoid the spread of such behaviors among other learners. School administrators should seriously punish the physically strong learners who take advantage of the weak ones by mistreating them. The administration should not tolerate any sign of bullying within the school (Tattum&Lane 53).

Parents should also be tough with their children and avoid anything that may turn them into bullies. Watching TV and playing computer games must be regulated at homes. If the child shows some bullying behavior while at home, he or she should be seriously punished. The government also has a very big role to play in curbing this vice. The policy makers must enact policies that address bullying in schools. These policies should be implemented and strictly adhered to, and whoever violates them should face the law irrespective of age. All the stakeholders, including the humanitarian non-governmental organizations are to join hands to curb this vice in the society. Through this collaborative approach, success will be achieved.

Dupper, David. School Bullying: New Perspectives on a Growing Problem . New York: Oxford University Press, 2013. Print.

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Olweus, Dan. Bullying at School: What We Know and What We Can Do . Oxford, UK: Blackwell, 1993. Print.

Rigby, Ken. Bullying in Schools and What to Do About It . Melbourne, Vic: ACER, 2007. Print.

Tattum, Delwyn, and David Lane. Bullying in Schools . Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham, 1988. Print.

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