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IELTS Essay writing can be a tricky task if you are not familiar with its framework and concept. This article will guide you on how to crack IELTS writing task 2. Here, we will focus more on the management and leadership IELTS essay and walk you through it. For guidance and reference on other IELTS exam topics, you can refer to the blog library on our website and get the help you need.

Table of Contents

Writing task 2

The writing section of the IELTS exam consists of two sections. Writing task 2 will be our focus for this blog as the rules and guidelines of the IELTS exam can be tricky for the first time examinee. Here are some Writing task 2 tips you can follow:

IELTS Essay On Management & Leadership: IELTS Writing Task Management & Leadership 2 Essay Samples

The structure of the essay in writing task 2 needs to be clean, crisp and clear. The answer should always be relevant to the topic asked. The structure of the essay can be broken down in the following way:

First paragraph – The first paragraph of your essay should provide a small introduction to the topic. It should not be very long. A clear and concise introduction leaves a good impression on the examiner.

Second paragraph – The second paragraph should begin with your idea on the topic. The first sentence should provide clarity on your stance. The second sentence should build on that idea and delve deeper into the specifics. The subsequent sentences are suitable for providing examples and developing on them in detail. You can make up research studies and quote them in your essay to support your point. End with a statement that sums up the overall idea of the paragraph and supports the point you started with.

Third paragraph – The third paragraph is very similar in its structure to the second paragraph. The main objective of this paragraph is to provide either the opposite view of the topic or discuss new ideas that touch a different perspective of the topic but ultimately support your opinion. The structuring is the same as the second paragraph.

Fourth paragraph – The fourth paragraph is the conclusion of your essay, and just like the introduction, it should be concise. Summing up your essay with a statement supporting your opinion is best advised. You can write an additional sentence that provides a small but contemplative detail about the topic that adds a finishing touch to your essay.

Sample Answer

Leadership and management are pivotal roles in an organisation. But as similar as they seem, they play a distinct role in an organisation’s success. In my opinion, leadership is a more important role than just management. Leadership is the ability to guide your team towards the organisation’s goals and help them achieve them whilst accomplishing their personal goals as well. Leadership is a much broader term and is the main ingredient of a successful company. A suitable example of this is Bill Gates, who was able to build his company from scratch at such a young age with his impeccable leadership and is now an inspiration for the masses. His role as the founder and CEO of Microsoft illustrates how important good leadership is for an organisation to succeed. Management is an innate part of leadership that includes achieving targets and goals. Management happens to be much more goal-focused and at times, may end up ignoring employees’ objectives and aspirations. In the modern world, where younger people are getting into corporate jobs to accomplish their dreams, personal growth is important to climb up to higher positions in companies and become the leaders of tomorrow. Both leadership and management are necessary for a strong organisation but an organisation with good management and no leadership cannot sustain on the path of success as they are an integral part of the organisation and without their efforts and hard work, the machinery will fail.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. how can i write better essays for ielts.

Ans: Writing your answers repeatedly will help you get an idea of time, but what will really help you improve the quality would be the  practice  of writing structurally and improving your writing style with each practice. Planning your answer before you start writing helps you create a map and save time in between.

2. What types of topics can come for essay writing in IELTS?

Ans: IELTS essay topics span many categories, including arts, business, environment, education, family, health and food, leisure, sports, technology, world issues, and more. You can browse through previous years’ topics to get an idea of the topics and prepare accordingly. The best way is to stay updated and have a fair understanding of everything happening around the world.

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Experienced IELTS prep trainer and education management industry veteran. Specializes in public speaking, international education, market research, mentoring, and management.

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leadership essay ielts

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