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10 Great Essay Writing Tips

how to write a wife of bath essay

Knowing how to write a college essay is a useful skill for anyone who plans to go to college. Most colleges and universities ask you to submit a writing sample with your application. As a student, you’ll also write essays in your courses. Impress your professors with your knowledge and skill by using these great essay writing tips.

Prepare to Answer the Question

Most college essays ask you to answer a question or synthesize information you learned in class. Review notes you have from lectures, read the recommended texts and make sure you understand the topic. You should refer to these sources in your essay.

how to write a wife of bath essay

Plan Your Essay

Many students see planning as a waste of time, but it actually saves you time. Take a few minutes to think about the topic and what you want to say about it. You can write an outline, draw a chart or use a graphic organizer to arrange your ideas. This gives you a chance to spot problems in your ideas before you spend time writing out the paragraphs.

Choose a Writing Method That Feels Comfortable

You might have to type your essay before turning it in, but that doesn’t mean you have to write it that way. Some people find it easy to write out their ideas by hand. Others prefer typing in a word processor where they can erase and rewrite as needed. Find the one that works best for you and stick with it.

how to write a wife of bath essay

View It as a Conversation

Writing is a form of communication, so think of your essay as a conversation between you and the reader. Think about your response to the source material and the topic. Decide what you want to tell the reader about the topic. Then, stay focused on your response as you write.

how to write a wife of bath essay

Provide the Context in the Introduction

If you look at an example of an essay introduction, you’ll see that the best essays give the reader a context. Think of how you introduce two people to each other. You share the details you think they will find most interesting. Do this in your essay by stating what it’s about and then telling readers what the issue is.

how to write a wife of bath essay

Explain What Needs to be Explained

Sometimes you have to explain concepts or define words to help the reader understand your viewpoint. You also have to explain the reasoning behind your ideas. For example, it’s not enough to write that your greatest achievement is running an ultra marathon. You might need to define ultra marathon and explain why finishing the race is such an accomplishment.

how to write a wife of bath essay

Answer All the Questions

After you finish writing the first draft of your essay, make sure you’ve answered all the questions you were supposed to answer. For example, essays in compare and contrast format should show the similarities and differences between ideas, objects or events. If you’re writing about a significant achievement, describe what you did and how it affected you.

how to write a wife of bath essay

Stay Focused as You Write

Writing requires concentration. Find a place where you have few distractions and give yourself time to write without interruptions. Don’t wait until the night before the essay is due to start working on it.

how to write a wife of bath essay

Read the Essay Aloud to Proofread

When you finish writing your essay, read it aloud. You can do this by yourself or ask someone to listen to you read it. You’ll notice places where the ideas don’t make sense, and your listener can give you feedback about your ideas.

how to write a wife of bath essay

Avoid Filling the Page with Words

A great essay does more than follow an essay layout. It has something to say. Sometimes students panic and write everything they know about a topic or summarize everything in the source material. Your job as a writer is to show why this information is important.


how to write a wife of bath essay


The Wife of Bath Essay

Describe The Relationship Between The Wife Of Bath And The Pardoner's Tale

The Wife of Bath thinks that the thing which women most desire is power over their husbands and in the prologue, she tells how she got the upper hand with each of them. She states, “bridle over to my hand, gave me the government of house and land, of tongue and fist, indeed of all he’d got” (280). The Wife of Bath has control over all her five husbands and is only happy when she has dominance over her partners. It is seen both in the tale and Wife of Bath’s prologue when kight returns to the castle and he states, “A women wants the self-same sovereignty* not be above her” (286). In both situations, power and sovereignty is the only topic being talked about and Wife of Bath thinks that the control of marriage should be given to the women, both financially and

Wife Of Bath

Although the Wife of Bath attempts to achieve this equality in a way that also places her reputation in question, the text says that she achieved it. Considering that she was a manipulated and boasted as such, maybe her tale was just another form of manipulation to get what she wanted? Maybe that was Chaucer’s plan, to once more, under mind women as his own form of manipulation. None the less, I do not see her as a pioneer for women’s rights, however, she did shine a luminous light in an area that ordinarily goes unprobed; what do women

Essay on The Wife of Bath: Feminism in Chaucer's Work

In so much that the Wife of Bath fights back against the oppression against women, she in turn ends up treating her husbands in the same oppressive manner. It is interesting to note that in her rants against men being the controlling force in marriages, she herself was a bully to her husbands. This makes it difficult to interpret Chaucer's intentions in creating a strong women character advocating for her due rights. By vocalizing her thoughts and what were most likely many women's thoughts of his day, he gives an identity and power to those without a

Essay on Summary and Analysis of The Wife of Bath's Tale

The Wife of Bath is perhaps the most fully realized character in the Canterbury Tales. Headstrong, boisterous and opinionated, she wages a perpetual struggle against the denigration of women and the taboos against female sexuality. She issues a number of rebuttals against strict religious claims for chastity and monogamy, using Biblical examples including Solomon to show that the Bible does not overtly condemn all expressions of sexuality, even outside of marriage. Those who use religious texts to argue for the submission of women are the most fervent targets of scorn for the Wife of Bath. She claims that the reason for the bias against women in these texts is due to the lack of experience and contact with women of those who write the text. It is this antipathy to intellectual arguments against femininity that causes her to tear the pages from Jankin's book.

Sovereignty In The Wife Of Bath's Tale

Women gain sovereignty over the male gender in The Wife of Bath’s Tale. In the tale the knight rapes a maiden that he meets as he is coming from a river. The Queen and her court of ladies rule that his penalty for such dishonourable behaviour is to find out, in one year and a day, what women most desire or he will be decapitated.

The Wife Of Bath 's Tale Essay

The Wife of Bath’s Tale in the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer is a very pivotal point in the text. It argues in favor of feminine dominance in marriage in a time where women were always under the skeptical view. The leading example of the medieval skeptical view of women is St. Jerome’s response against Jovinian. It shows how women were more restricted than men and thought to be in the fault for the wrong things that happen to them. Chaucer opposes that stereotype by introducing the Wife of Bath, a very radical character just like the other characters in the Canterbury Tales. The Wife is a very outspoken feminist and justifies her decision to remarry four times. She uses St. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians and other arguments to undermine the traditional antifeminism arguments, such as St. Jerome’s, against her remarriages.

The Wife Of Bath Dialectical Journal

The Wife of Bath is a women who knows how society see her and pushes against these boundaries. She knows what men what and she uses her assets to control them. She is a feminist icon in her time period. Women most likely looked up to her for her free spirit. She believes that women have the right to live their lives the way they want too. Whatever they do with their body is THEIR right and they shouldn’t be ridiculed for it. If men have that right, then women should too. She shows the modernized thinking of equality in terms of sexuality that we see

The Wife Of Bath 's Prologue And Tale

The Wife of Bath 's Prologue and Tale is about female empowerment it shows strong protagonists. I believe Geoffrey Chaucer used The Wife of Bath’s Tale to advocate for feminism. Chaucer used a strong female character to expose female stereotypes. It was an oppressive time for women in male-dominated society. During the Middle Ages, Chaucer wrote from a woman’s point of view something that was not normal at that time. He set his feminist ideals through the characters of the Wife of Bath and the old woman. He used subtle methods like humor to show his ideals. During Chaucer’s time nobody was used to the idea of women being equal to men, this idea did not exist. Chaucer expressed his ideas in the Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale by being one of the first to understand and acknowledge a women’s struggle in society, through this tale he shows the difference between men and women and their positions of power. In the Wife of Bath’s Tale, feminism is showed by the knight recognizing and listening to his wife. Chaucer is a feminist for his time because he used humor to mask his unpopular ideas he used these characters to voice his opinions.

The Wife Of Bath As A Feminist Analysis

    As we are all aware, tales always have a moral to their stories. “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” is no exception and it, too, has a lesson to be learned. The Knight himself learns that lesson and begins viewing women as equal. The Knight starts out the story as a misogynist, raping an innocent young woman at the very beginning. Any person who is capable of raping another person has no respect toward the other. Any man who is motivated to rape a woman has a feeling of superiority over that woman. The Knight falls into the category of being an anti-feminist at the start of the tale until the Old Woman

In The Canterbury Tales, the Wife of Bath gives an in-depth look on her life and understanding on the world as she perceives it. During her Prologue, we learn that what she calls experience stems from her first three marriages, but during her last two there is a shift in power. The Wife of Bath demonstrates her understanding and power throughout her first three marriages both physically and emotionally and the contrast of her lack of control in her last two, thus revealing the true meaning behind what she believes is experience during these marriages. The Wife of Bath’s authority can be viewed as realist when paralleled to the chain of being because of the emotional control she has over her previous husbands and the simple fact that she

The One and Only Wife of Bath Essay

Her self-proclaimed wisdom and experience makes her justly and to a certain extent credible enough to stand in the position that she does that is as heroine of her time. The Wife of Bath's Prologue is lengthy but everything said is important and captures a prime image of who the Wife of Bath truly is but also the society women are dealing with. Also her prologue retaliates against the problems of inferiority of women at hand. She does her best to defend herself for her life occurrences as well as preserving the merit of women. She explains "a sensible woman only busies herself to win love were there's none"(177), although one may say that this is a negative way for a woman to gain power .The positive note is that the wife of Bath cares to give the only advise she knows that has worked for her. The fact that the Wife of Bath cares about sharing advice in a sense that will cost women a chance to gain power ,cancels out the seven deadly sin of greed in her character.

Canterbury Tales: A Feminist Perspective of Wife of Bath Essay

The Wife of Bath's greedy need for complete control over men reflects in most of her actions. She seems proud of this, and constantly describes women as cruel creatures that bring great sorrow to men. When talking about her first three husbands, she says that she "governed them" (193), and "chided them cruelly" (193). She makes life for her husbands a living hell, having no respect for their feelings. Just like the women questioned in her story, she cares only for " apparel...," to be "flattered and pampered," and for "pleasure in bed" (225). When talking of her first three marriages, she says: "Since they had given me all their land, why should I take pains to please them, unless it be for my own profit and pleasure" (192). In her story, the moral is that all women want to hold the whip in a relationship, and it is in the man's best interest to let them do so. The Wife of Bath is not a woman to be admired and, worst of all, she insists all

Essay about Relationships in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

The Wife of Bath apparently attempts to emphasize female dominance over men. She contradicts many of the harsh customs and declares her own haughty assessment of women’s function in society and in relationships. In the story, Chaucer explains that what women want is sovereignty over their husbands. According to the tale, women desire to be treated as masters over their love. The story also suggests that

Canterbury Tales Gender Roles

In Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, he introduces a character known as the Wife of Bath. It is her turn to tell the stories, and her tale begins discussing her past marriages in the prologue. Married five times, the Wife of Bath tells us about her own marital issues, and the way she was able to manipulate the gender roles to her own advantage. As interesting of a character as she is, I find Chaucer created the Wife of Bath to deliberately introduce the issues gender roles play in our society. I believe that the role the of the Wife of Bath in the tale was purposely written by Chaucer to twist the traditional gender roles of the time, satirizing how gender plays in society.

Mixed Feminine Message in Wife of Bath's Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer

In the Wife of Bath’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer, various women, such as the Queen and the old hag, stake their claim to authority over men. Yet, they do so in a very covert manner. The knight has clearly abused his male power. He is a rapist. With the help of women, however, he is rehabilitated and seems to achieve the ultimate happiness. When these women support the feminist viewpoint that women should have mastery over their husbands, they are also echoing the sentiments the Wife of Bath presents in her prologue. Yet, these women abandon mastery the moment they attain it. The old hag relinquishes mastery back to her husband immediately after he grants it to her,

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how to write a wife of bath essay

The Analysis of The Wife of Bath

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The Analysis of The Wife of Bath Essay

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The manner in which amorphous female identities overlap and echo each other in Gawain and the Green Knight, The Wife of Bath’s Tale and La Morte D’Arthur may appear to represent the ambiguity of distinguishable female [...]

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer provides a thought-provoking satire on Medieval life planted within a cast of lively and often laughable characters, all while presenting its readers with an interesting story structure [...]

During the time Chaucer wrote the Canterbury Tales, men viewed women as the lesser of the two sexes. In writing about the wife of Bath, Chaucer draws upon much of the antifeminist sentiment of the time to satirize the idea that [...]

Throughout ‘The Wife of Bath’s Prologue’, Chaucer uses imagery to enhance our understanding of the Wife’s character and principles. Chaucer makes use of simple yet powerful metaphors such as fire and nature to augment our [...]

While there are places where the opinions of the medieval listener and the contemporary listener coincide, generally the vastly different contexts in which we assess the Wife of Bath divide our responses. Set in a strict world [...]

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how to write a wife of bath essay

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Wife of bath.

                          The Wife of Bath's Tale and Prologue both present some very interesting views on women and their role in marriage. The Tale and Prologue both clearly present the idea that women should hold full sovereignty in marriage. Although the methods in accomplishing this sovereignty are sometimes different, the idea of full sovereignty is the same. In many different ways both stories present how a woman can rule in marriage. Essentially, through her experiences, Alison (the wife of bath) is showing us how the roles of men and women in marriage can be completely reversed.              From early in the Prologue we clearly see that The Wife of Bath is not afraid to use her wit and sexual prowess to get men and in turn make them follow her every wish. She makes it clear that she wishes to be the master of the relationships (much different than the traditional view). In most of the relationships she seems to get the sovereignty that she desires. Even though she only loved the husband who challenged her the most, she still won in the outcome of the marriage. It seems as though she just liked the way he challenged her power. After all, she did out live him, which does leave her in the superior position. .              The Wife of Bath's Tale presents the sovereignty differently, but very clearly. The Knight is sent after the secret of what women desire. The Knight doesn't realize that what he is doing is just that. He is at the mercy of women, not only to the queen but also to the old woman who tells him the secret at a cost. It is comical how he is completely transformed from, the Knight who abuses his strength on the woman in the beginning, to the weak man completely at the mercy of the old woman who becomes his wife. .              The outcome of both stories clearly define Alison's (The Wife of Bath's) theme of female sovereignty. The Wife's Tale shows it in the way a man disrespected women and was put into his place by women. The Prologue puts it as though, men are putty in the hands of women.

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1. canterbury tales - the wife of bath.

how to write a wife of bath essay

In this tale, the Wife of Bath and several others journey toward Canterbury, telling stories to one another to pass the time along the way. ... The Wife of Bath is a confident, honest, strong willed woman-very distinctive, somewhat aggressive in speaking her mind and showcasing her worldly savvy. ... One could make parallels to the Wife of Bath herself, or to the more seemingly manipulative old hag of the story, who seems to believe in teaching lessons the hard way. ... Regardless, the mindset existed, whether it was Chaucer's own or not, and is herein depicted in the Wife of Bath's ...

2. Wife of Bath

how to write a wife of bath essay

"She- is the Wife of Bath. ... Even the Wife of Bath's tale gives the reader a sense of her feminism. ... The Wife of Bath would "Of wenches wolde I beren hem on honde- (The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale, 399). Jenkins, the Wife of Bath's Fifth husband, would be more of a challenge for the Wife of Bath, but at the end would be able to be given the mastery of the marriage. ... -(The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale, 1-3). ...

3. The Wife of Bath

The Wife of Bath is a woman of experience. ... The Wife of Bath acts more like a black widow, than a loving wife. ... The Wife of Bath uses her hatred of this book to gain control over her 5th husband. ... The tale of the knight told by the Wife of Bath is about what women really want. ... The idea of this story corresponds with what The Wife of Bath thinks. ...

4. Wife of Bath

how to write a wife of bath essay

The Wife of Bath uses her story to indirectly dispel the cast system and religious stereotypes. ... The transformation of the hag into a beautiful and faithful wife represents the Wife of Bath's inner beauty and true soul. ... In the Wife of Bath's tale the knight represents organized religion and public perception. ... The Wife of Bath is telling us that, we who condemn her for being married five times, should turn the table on ourselves. ... The Wife of Bath is a character of much complexity whose surface can barely be scratched in the brevity I have discussed. ...

5. Wife Of Bath

how to write a wife of bath essay

Chaucer appears to support women and specifically these feminists by creating two very strong-willed and successful women in the Wife of Bath and the old hag in the Wife's tale. ... The Wife of Bath is a woman who freely admits to all the lust, the conniving and the deceit that defines her. ... Following her fourth husband's death, the Wife of Bath married a man half her age within a month. ... This shows how badly the Wife of Bath needs to have a man and feels incomplete without one. ... As evident with the hypocrisy showed by the Wife of Bath. ...

6. The Wife of Bath - Literary Essay

Through the Wife of Bath, in both her prologue & her tale, Chaucer introduces the modern-day notion that women are entitled to remarry & fulfill their intimate desires & to demand that their wants & unique wisdom be respected by men. ... The Wife claims that God endorses her sexual appetite. ... The Wife claims that women should have multiple alternatives. ... The Wife of Bath loves men but also hates them. ... The Wife of Bath's prologue & tale argues that women must control everything to have a blissful relationship but her stories tell her otherwise....

7. Wife of bath

how to write a wife of bath essay

Canterbury Tales: The Wife of Bath's Prologue The Wife of Bath's Prologue can be read in two ways. ... The wife of Bath escapes the typical thinking of woman in Chaucer's day. ... The Wife of Bath clearly disagrees with this ideology. ... It was not Chaucer's intent to display the Wife of Bath in this way. ... The Wife of Bath has admirable qualities as well. ...

8. Wife of bath

The Wife of Bath holds a high intelligence and an overwhelming ability to manipulate and control the opposite sex. ... As a wealthy woman, The Wife of Bath had to keep her married status in order to retain her wealth. ... Some may interpret the Wife of Bath's story to only consist of sexual revenge. ... The Wife of Bath is in pole position, she vocalises "I shal seye soothe" meaning she will speak her truth. ... I believe he succeeded in demonstrating certain attitudes and beliefs in that particular period, through the character of the Wife of Bath. ...

9. The Wife of Bath

how to write a wife of bath essay

The Wife of Bath's Tale The Wife of Bath is one of Geoffrey Chaucer's more vibrant characters. ... The Wife of Bath is witty, intelligent, opinionated, and sensual. Geoffrey Chaucer also gives a somewhat detailed description of the Wife of Bath. ... The Wife of Bath tells a tale of a young knight in King Arthur's day who was a lusty liver. ... The Wife of Bath's Tale is about the relationships between husbands and wives. ...

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The Wife of Bath’s Tale Theme essay

Chaucer uses The Wife of Bath’s Tale and Prologue to shed light on the way that women were seen and treated in the middle ages and paint them as crude creatures. He does this by setting up an unlikable character who is a woman to make a case for women’s rights and want for power, and then having that character tell a tale in which a man submits to a woman and is rewarded handsomely. By doing this, he paints the picture of cruel women telling men that they should behave and submit to them so that they can finally get something out of a relationship.

In the tale, a hundred years before the current time of The Wife of Bath herself, the knight is out travelling when he happens upon a woman so beautiful that he “cannot help himself” and rapes her. Again, linking back to the unlikable character telling the story, most of Chaucer’s audience upon reading the demonization of the knight might dislike The Wife of Bath more for painting such a violent picture of a man. The people of the land send him back to King Arthur for punishment, and King Arthur, as he should, punishes him to death; however, the Queen, Guinevere, steps in and says that she will leave the night alive on one condition. In order to live, the knight will have to tell Queen Guinevere what women really want (Greenblatt and Simpson, pg. 319-321). This is when Chaucer introduces the Wife of Bath’s question, “what do women what from men?” In addition, you can already see that the Wife of Bath’s influence has worked into the story as Guinevere, not Arthur, decides the knight’s punishment. In a real medieval society, this would not happen, as she has no authority over Arthur’s decision, therefore, it is just the Wife of Bath giving women more control in the story than what they should have had.

Then, the knight meets an old crone in the woods and she says that she will give him the answer to what women want if he does what she says after. He agrees, and then goes to Guinevere on the last day that he has to complete his quest. He tells her what the crone told him, that women want to have the same power over their husband as the husband has over them. He is spared, because according to the Queen, his answer is correct. The crone demands that the man marry her as payment for her answer. Because he is a knight and has to honor his code by keeping his word, he marries her (Greenblatt and Simpson, pg. 322-326). This particular route of events shows that the Wife of Bath herself wants to emphasize the knight’s powerlessness to the crone. He’s completely at her mercy and has to do what she says, just like the Wife of Bath did to the men she was married to with her lies and manipulation. He’s forced to submit to her and give her, essentially, “what women want”. By doing this, Chaucer is reiterating the Wife of Bath’s want for dominance over men through her telling of the tale, and also making this out to be a bad thing due to her cruel personality.

Finally, the last scene of the tale shows the knight in bed with his new, aged wife. He’s upset because she’s old and ugly, and when he expresses this, the crone, as she is a witch, tells him that she can be beautiful but unfaithful or she can be ugly and a good wife. In resignation, he tells her that she should choose what she thinks is best for them. Since he submitted to her, which is what she wanted, she becomes both positives- beautiful and faithful. He’s ecstatic and then loves his wife (Greenblatt and Simpson, pg. 326-328). By telling this part of the story, the Wife of Bath drives home the fact that men should submit to their wives. She’s essentially baiting her audience with the thought that if the men submit, it’ll be better for them and they’ll be greatly rewarded. In doing this, she is coercing her audience to think it is better to submit because there will be a better outcome in return.

In conclusion, the Wife of Bath is a character that tells a tale about submission to women. Coupled with her foul characterization, her tale is shed in a dark light and attempts to make the audience despise her plight. By creating this rift, Chaucer can continue to perpetrate the middle age’s belief that women are the root of evil and are nothing but trouble for men. He does this not only by using the characterization of the crone and Guinevere in the story, but also by that of the characterization of the Wife of Bath herself.

Works Cited

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"The Wife Of Bath's Tale Theme.", May 09, 2021. Accessed March 3, 2023.

"The Wife Of Bath's Tale Theme," , 09-May-2021. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 3-Mar-2023] (2021). The Wife Of Bath's Tale Theme . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 3-Mar-2023]

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how to write a wife of bath essay

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Canterbury Tales: The Wife of Bath Analysis Essay

Introduction, short plot of the story (summary), the analysis of the story.

The Wife of Bath’s Tale is considered to be a disclosure of the female role in the society in the period of Late Middle Ages. The Wife of Bath starts in King Arthur’s days; this period was characterized by the great majority of elves and fairies. The story is aimed at highlighting religious and secular women’s ideals. The story is aimed at underlining the main female virtues and characteristics both physical and mental meeting the requirements of the Arthurian traditions. The depiction of the unreal world through the real one gives an opportunity to evaluate the place of the woman in the society and the way she is perceived by a man. The symbolic representation of characters is regarded to be a significant counter version of the bearer of aristocratic males’ values and Arthurian traditions.

The plot of the story is a gradual movement between plot and forest. It is aimed at highlighting the principle values, ethical and social norms of the males fixed in the society. The Wife of Bath’s Tale disclosed the story of the Queen who begged her husband for rapist’ knight’s judging. Her decision is sentence to death unless he returns in a year to answer:

“ What thyng is it that women moost diseren” (Norton, 911)

The story concentrates on the knight’s searches of the answer which are almost useless until he meets women dancing in the forest. It gave a hope for the better future and one of the women promised him to solute the problem in case of their marriage. The answer she gives concerns the female desire to be sovereign in marriage. The knight remained alive because the answer satisfied the queen but suddenly the knight refuses to marry the old woman because of her age and ugly appearance.

His choice was to play a significant role for the future. The knight was to select either beauty and unfaithfulness or ugliness and faithfulness combined in the woman. It was difficult to make the right choice but he managed to yield to woman’s wisdom. As a result the woman appeared to be faithful and beautiful fir her knight. (Chaucer, Canterbury tales, “Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale”.)

The tale of the Wife is presented as an issue of her theories model illustration. It is an outstanding Arthurian romance underlining the peculiarities of the theme related to the image of “loathly lady”. This story is considered to be a magical transformation of the woman into some ugly shape being restored only with the help of particular specific actions.

The story discloses the physical and moral condition of the Wife image fixed at that time. The Wife is presented not very beautiful but rather vivacious and forceful. General picture of the Wife contains clothes of quite good quality and an effect of female self advertising in order to demonstrate her wealth and elegancy to the publicity. The story demonstrates the most wonderful and powerful images of women individualities related to the Middle Ages.

Thus, the idealization of the Virgin Mary image is considered to be a characteristic element of Arthurian time and male values. The symbolic representation is rather complicated. Her image was a model of the church type since Christ Birth. Mary was considered to give birth to the Christians being the symbol of the church. Nevertheless Mary’s conception was a vivid reason for debates and disputes for the representatives of the Middle Ages. Her theory disclosed female conception of women’s free from sexuality and original sin at the same time. The image of the Virgin Mary developed in Arthurian period resulted in contradictory, ambivalent and complex feelings as to the perception of sexuality and marriage in general. (Benson, 2000)

The Wife discloses the fact that virtue such as poverty cannot be perfectly reached by everyone. The central argument for her concerns the fact that genitals were not made only for sex differentiation but for procreation and pleasure. The secondary derivative female creation analyzed fro the point of view of the tale is considered to be Eve. She is an example of disobedient wife and ungrateful child holding responsibilities for her husband’s loss. These two images f Eve and Mary are contradicted to each other taking into account the theory of the tale. Mary’s role is directed to bride idealization and presentation of an ideal mother f that time. The Wife of the tale is to combine four principles roles and images fulfilled in a life period:

The Wife of Bath’s Tale is considered to be one of the first tales related to marriage group including the ones of Franklin, Merchant and Clerk. The story discloses a lot of basic themes concerning human feelings and life aspects, but the central aspect of the romance is concentrated on the relations between women and men. (The Wife of Bath. 2001.)

The theme concerning female dominance is one of the fundamental in the romance. Thus, the dominance can be analyzed from the point of view of sexual aspect. The Wife is presented as the one who can be responsible for the household. The Wife is the illustration of the sexualized personality. Together with the depiction of the sexual aspect, the one of love has been presented either. Here the story takes into account the Biblical authority aspects in order to underline the basic stimulation for marriages in modern society of that time and the possibilities of widows’ remarriages based on love and mutual understanding. The tale is the outlining of gentility origins reflecting the virtue of poverty. (Moore, 2000)

The illustration of the Arthurian world is considered to be an attempt to show the mythical golden age of that time. The world of King Arthur values and traditions is not the true and real one, but the determination of better reality. The truth is used to be expressed freely depending not only on the religious aspects but on the human nature. Of course it is impossible to renew one’s age being old or change an appearance being ugly, but the story represents the idea of females desiring to have sovereignty in marriages. The realization of the first aspect is truly unreal, but the story is aimed at the attempts to fulfill the second one event it can be only partially satisfied. The transformation of the old and ugly woman into faithful and beautiful one is considered to present the mixture of mythological and fairy aspects. The symbolism of the romance can be observed through the whole story with the purpose of showing magical world in the real one.

The presentation of Wife is followed by her basic qualities demonstration: thus, the Wife of the Arthurian period is learned, intelligent and capable of complicated argument. The males’ and females’ views on marriage presented in the tale are focused on the Biblical teachings. Thus, the marriage is perceived as something positive in human life; nevertheless there are some counterarguments against marriages in general which are based on the aspect of polygamy. But this issue is not the central one. The Wife is almost ready to make use of marriage as the secure material for her social status and wealth. Besides, marriage can be viewed as the sexual pleasure source needed in the society. The interaction of several themes concerning gender position leads to complete awareness of the woman model being characteristic of Arthurian period and its traditions.

The analysis of the woman in the tale can lead to the fact that her presentation was based on the feminism views. Despite the aspect that “Arthurian woman” was not aware of the political beliefs and feminists’ movements, she contained some features of modern female representatives of such area. The desire to be sovereign can be evaluated as the one to gain complete independence for the whole female gender. But to refute this fact it is important to stress that the Wife described in the story is of strong positions being out of gender lines. But the woman has abilities to show complete domination over her husband. (Dinshaw, 1999)

The image of the woman is strictly contradicted to that of a man showed on the example of the knight illustration. It should be stressed that there are no such real traits of character presented in the man. The knight is not a dominant figure but the one who is used to show the female power. The plot is just given additional meaning through this character. The story makes weak stress on the role of the knight who cannot be considered smart enough to bear responsibilities for his actions. That is why even the introduction of the violence such as girl raping has a slight character. The reader is not to pay much attention on the male role of the story because it is introduced as a method of woman’s character evaluation. The image of the knight can be considered as ungrateful one. His view on the marriage is not described as the chance for life saving but a kind of punishment because of the ugliness and old age of the woman. One more aspect concerning the knight’s character is his weakness and failure to resist social opinion. He is easy to be impacted by the publicity evaluating general view as the personal one. Thus, the analysis of this character can lead to the fact that he is the person who just wants to live and save his life playing no roles in the social activities.

It should be stated that the Wife of Bath’s Tale is considered to be a real counterargument to the aristocratic views and values. It managed to show the real woman’s nature and character. The story provided female depiction as a strong individuality being completely aware of her desires and bearing responsibilities for them. The physical and mental condition of the Arthurian woman can be completely reflected in present time. The Wife is an elegant woman of confident position who is able to protect herself. The views on marriage as a means of status determination can be compared with the modern one; but Arthurian traditions saved the value of love and mutual understanding. The woman of Middle Ages appeared to be similar to the modern one with the same views and positions.

The analysis of the Wife of Bath’s Tale appeared to show a model of female ideal depiction being characteristic of Arthurian time. Despite the fact that the world of Arthur was not the real one with elves and fairies the role of the woman and her desire to gain sovereignty in marriage are up to date.

Chaucer, Canterbury tales, “ Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale ”. Web.

Moore, Andrew. Marriage in the Wife of Bath’s Tale. 2000. Web.

Benson, L.D. Wife of Bath’s Tale. Harvard College. 2000. Web.

Dinshaw, Carolyn. “Getting Medieval”. Duke University Press. 1999.

Greenblatt, Stephen. The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Volume 1: Middle Ages through the Restoration and the 18th century. 2005.

The Wife of Bath. 2001. Web.

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The Wife Of Bath English Literature Essay

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The Wife Of Bath's Tale Essay

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When the night asks her what do all women want she responds with “A woman wants the self-same sovereignty over her husband as over her love, And master him. He must not be above her” (Holt 183). The old woman wants power and control over her husband. In the end of the tale the old woman gets what she wants form her husband, power over him. The night says “My lady and my love, and wyf so deere, I put me in your wyse governance: Cheseth yourself which may be most pleasance” (Beck 96).The knight was wise in giving the women what she wanted because she decided to be a faithful wife and pretty.…

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Mimesis And Gender In Chaucer's The Wife Of Bath

In The Wife of Bath, Chaucer portrays Wife of Bath as someone who will do anything to get what she wants. It could be believed that Wife of Bath only marries for material items not for love. There are also places in the poem where we see the Wife’s desire to have authority. Some of the things that Wife of Bath does show her strong desire for authority as a female. There are many different opinions on this.…

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This sense of authority is created through words which heighten Petruchio’s status, making him a king-like figure in his household by further expressing his feelings of superiority. He goes as far as to describe his marriage as his “reign” suggesting that his character feels that a husband should have kingship and “supremacy” over his wife. Eventually a tamed Katherina seems to except him as her superior as she instructs the widow to “dart not scornful glances from those eyes//To wound thy lord, thy king, thy governor”. One interpretation of this could be that she has given up in her battle with Petruchio and is too tired to contradict him by repeating what he has previously said and exaggerating it further by describing him as a “lord” and a “governor”. Another interpretation of this could be that she is happy with the terms of her marriage and that she does now see herself as inferior to her husband.…

Elizabeth Bennet Pride And Prejudice Feminist Analysis

Darcy, eventually causing him to put her on the upper hand instead of Caroline. To portray Elizabeth’s feminist views on marriage, Austen again endeavors to bring Charlotte Lucas, an intimate friend of Elizabeth into light. Both Elizabeth and Charlotte confides in their non concurring opinions about matrimony to each other. Charlotte, desperate to find a husband seeks an opportunity to charm Mr. Collins immediately, upon Elizabeth turning down his proposal. She is also convinced that "happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance and so even with an unlikeable man, marriage is a risk always worth taking".…

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After all, there is nothing noble in wedding one whom she does not love. When she is questioned by her father and the duke, she tells the truth and, in honesty, makes her own decision about who she wants to be with. “My noble father,” she says, “ I do perceive here a divided duty: To you I am bound for life and education; … I am hitherto your daughter: but here 's my husband; And so much duty as my mother show 'd…

Wife Of Bath Essay: Women In Medieval Times

When the knight lets her make the decision about if she wants to be beautiful and unfaithful or faithful and ugly, he gets a beautiful and faithful wife. At the end of “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” the character becomes young, beautiful and has dominance over her husband which is also what the Wife of Bath wants in her life. In The Canterbury Tales, “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” is ideally suited to the character of the Wife of Bath. you can see that through the relation of what Chaucer said about her in the Canterbury tales, what she said about herself in the prologue, and what her character wants in her tale. Throughout the tale you can see that the Wife of Bath is telling a story that is her ideal, through her looks, her wants, and her goals in…

Petruchio's Dominance In The Taming Of The Shrew

During the wedding banquet, after Petruchio instructs Katherine to lecture the other brides on obedience to their husbands, Katherine exclaims “I am ashamed that women are so simple to offer war where they should kneel for peace, or seek for rule, supremacy, and sway. When they are bound to serve, love, and obey" (5.ii.8-9). When the author writes the words “seek for rule,” “kneel for peace,” and “supremacy” he exhibits how Katherine believes that women should not disobey and should seek to give total control to the husbands in their relationships. This is reinforced with Katherine says that women "are bound to serve, love and obey" as if a women's task in marriage relations are only to be obedient. However, Katherine also uses this obedience to gain control in her relationship with Petruchio.…

Wife Of Bath And Sei Shonagon: An Analysis

This is especially evident in her anecdote about priests who she says “have to be handsome” in order to remember “what you’ve just heard” from him (Shonagon 30). The Wife of Bath follows her long descriptive prologue which criticizes the need for female virginity with a tale that is prescriptive to prove her point about what relations between a married man and a woman ought to look like. Since these women have more than just a one-dimensional criticism of their societies, then, their intellectual foundation allows them to argue for a new value system of an aesthetic of balance within their society. Therefore, it is the value system that they present that is united, even if their…

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how to write a wife of bath essay

Essay On The Wife Of Bath's Tale

Shallowness in the wife of bath's tale.

At the end of the year of the Knight’s challenge, he met a woman who is, “ A fouler-looking creature I suppose/ Could Scarcely be imagined.” (168) From this description, Chaucer illustrated the shallowness of the Knight’s human nature, in which he naturally has the first impression on a woman base on the person’s outlook. Later, when the woman asked the Knight to marry her in return of saving his life, the Knight shallowly felt miserable to have to marry an “old, poor, ugly woman.” Not only he did not have gratitude toward the woman for saving his life, but also he abhors her look, age and wealth. The Knight told that even if his wife is faithful, good, and loyal, it does not make him any happier, if she is old, poor, and ugly. The Knight’s reaction might as well be cruel and harsh, but is exactly the prospect for every upper-class men at the time. They were expected to marry women that are beautiful or have a fortune. It is after all a superficial world that people, like the Knight, care most in the things that they can see or

16th Century Gender Roles

Over time values have greatly changed, for example, gender roles and courtship. Literature has coincided along history and it 's a great way to view how these values have changed. William Shakspeare’s Taming of the Shrew is a great example of how gender roles and courtship were portrayed in the 16th century. Although it was controversial in its time because the lead,Katharine, is a strong-willed woman who believed she didn’t need a man in her life. It is obvious that everybody 's obsession in this time period, and some small-minded people now is that a woman absolutely needs a man to survive.

The Wife Of Bath: Social Injustices

The Wife of Bath’s behaviors are questionable but are inherently aided by the social injustices that face women of this time period. The Wife of Bath discloses that for her first three marriages she sought out older wealthy men for sex and money. Her intentions included making her husbands fall in love with her and then making them have enormous amounts of sex until they die. In addition, the wife elaborates on her occasional tumultuous tirades of accusing her husbands of being unfaithful to her. Her uproars chided her husbands into persistently obliging into her every request. Her actions do not fit the model visions a husband would have of a wife in the medieval times. In addition to the emotional and sexual abuse, the Wife of Bath sought

Women In The Wife Of Bath's Tale

The old woman eventually gives him a choice; she will become young and beautiful, but an unfaithful wife, or she will remain her current age and stay true to the Knight throughout her life. Contrasting his actions in the past, the Knight chooses to say, “My lady and my love, my dearest wife, I leave the matter to your wise decision...Whatever pleases you suffices me.” The woman, joyful with his response, magically becomes both young and loyal and the two have a happy relationship. These words from the Knight show that he has learned from his past mistakes; instead of taking advantage a woman, or refusing to respect a woman based on appearance, he treated her with equal respect, and gave her the right to choose her own

Examples Of Sexism In The Wife Of Bath's Tale

The tale portrays women as tricksters and seducers. The answer to what women desire most in the tale is “A women want the self same sovereignty over her husband as over her lover” (143). Once a women married a man has no fear of losing her, she can no longer use her charms against him. A women does not want to be equal to her husband in a relationship, but rather have power over him. The old women in the tale tricks the knight into marrying her and when the knight begs “leave my body free” (143) the old women is put on a level similar to the knight who raped the girl even though she begged him to stop. Women are only able to do as they please through the means of tricks and seduction.

Women In Yvain And The Magic Ring

Chivalric romances are often centered upon the efforts of gallant knights seeking to achieve a concept known as “true knighthood” which involves embarking on quests or adventures to obtain honor, love, and Christian virtue. The brave knights of these stories are met with many obstacles to overcome, commonly in regards to rescuing or protecting a lady. In other words, the typical role of women in this period is that of the damsel in distress or a helpless, dependent lady in need of a hero. However, the stories of Chrétien de Troyes’ Yvain, the Knight of the Lion and Friedrich Heinrich Karl La Motte-Fouqué’s The Magic Ring strays from the typical role of women as the damsel in distress. Many of the women in these stories are portrayed as strong, independent women who, in many cases, are the hero themselves. Women in Chrétien and La Motte-Fouqué’s stories are given strong roles in order to highlight and emphasize the important virtues of peace, bravery, and power which ultimately transfers the role of the hero from men to women.

Feminist Lens In Othello

Therefore, William Shakespeare shows how the feminist perspective is not the best lens to view modern literature in his play “Othello”, when Shakespeare shared through Othello in Act 3 when he speaks to Iago that “The man whose wife has been unfaithful lives happily as long as he does not love his wife” (Shakespeare, 127). Likewise, this quote shows how the feminist perspective might not show us how women were treated in the 1600s; this scene explains how men were not expected to love their wife and not expected to care. He is allowed to be happy as long as he didn’t love his wife. This is absorbing because we can see in modern days that men expect women to love them even if they don’t. Lastly, women then and now are expected to love their husbands even if they aren’t being treated right whereas men don’t need to love their wife if they don’t want

Theme Of Judgement In Frankenstein

"People are always searching for ways to better themselves. It is said that those who read fiction tend to be more understanding, empathizing, and open minded. Humans are naturally flawed but reading seems to improve people. One natural, unavoidable characteristic of humans is judgment. People have an initial instinct to judge those whom they have just met. While it is true that judgment impairs one’s perspective when it comes to others, generalizations are the true barriers that do not allow people to get to know one another.

Gender Roles In The Canterbury Tales

In today’s society men and women are often expected to perform different tasks, and occupy different roles based on their sex. Within different cultures, the view of how women and men should act and interact varies with political and religious influences, as well as personal influences. Geoffrey Chaucer suggests that people’s ability to understand the opposite sex is divided because of the stereotypes set in society for the opposite genders. Women are more likely to work as secretaries, and men are likely expected to work as managers and executives in the working field. With views like these people are less likely to empathize with other people for the plain idea that we feel that we must be separated.

Women In Beowulf And The Wife Of Bath's Tale

Beowulf and “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” are both narratives in which gender acts as an important theme within their individual communities; both have underlying meanings when it comes to defining what the role men and women in a good community should be. Or in other words, both stories paint a vivid picture of the role of women during the medieval time period, by suggesting that one gender had more power over another. However, these two narratives take alternative paths when expressing their views; Beowulf conveys its message through what is missing, while “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” incorporates satire and uses explicit narrative when telling the experience of a woman that is highly different from other women in her time. Furthermore, another difference that is appealing to the reader’s eyes, besides the way the two narratives reflect to women’s role in medieval times, is that men become the hero in Beowulf, while “the wife”, so a woman, becomes the authority figure in the story of “The Wife of Bath’s Tale.” I want to first introduce the two main differences between the two narratives and then I will explain how regardless of the differences, both of these narratives’ main goal is to show that women had less power and a good community back that time was male dominated.

Gender Role In Wife Of Bath's Tale By Geoffrey Chaucer

Gender role refers to those behaviors and attitudes that are considered to belong to one sex. Gender role is based on femininity and masculinity that differentiate women and men by giving men some roles and women which results to gender inequality. There some work in society that is regarded to belong to women such as cooking, taking care of children and other less important roles while men are given roles that makes them superior than women. Most of the gender roles associated with women makes them inferior and creates a room to be oppressed. Gender roles are constructed by society and attributed to women or men. In the book of vindication of the right of a woman, Wollstonecraft brings out clearly the roles of a woman in her society and how it has led to oppression of women (Wollstonecraft 22). Wollstonecraft believes that men and women are equal given the same environment and empowerment, women can do anything a man can do. In her society, education for women is only aimed at making her look pleasing to men. Women are treated as inferior being and used by men as sex objects. Wollstonecraft believed that the quality of mind of women is the same with that of men, and therefore women should not be denied a chance for formal education that will empower them to be equal with men.

Sovereignty In The Wife Of Bath's Tale

The mind of a woman is one engulfed in a variety of beliefs and conceptions that internally distinguishes one from another. To demonstrate, some women most desire a multitude of different traits from their husband based off the situation in their relationship. One type of woman who feels beneath her husband may desire equality in the relationship. Another type of woman who is facing possible danger may want a fearless husband who can protect them from harm. One final type of woman who has a history of being with people they find physically unattractive, and simply wants a handsome .

Married Women In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

Medieval society portrayed what love and generosity should be. Older men married young women. Of course women had no choice in who hey married. The dowry benefits family member, not the women. Older men marrying young women had a suffrage of inequality in the relationship. In courts, where dances occur, married women would have affairs with men that are their age.. The conflict begins with a woman’s ability to choose a man she desires, yet she marries an older man with no love. Men accused married woman for being sexual since, supposedly, they are culpable of the marriage. Medieval society portrayed married women as disloyal wives who were unable to their control their sexual desires toward young men.

Women In Othello And Chaucer's Wife Of Bath

The women in Othello and Chaucer's Wife of Bath differ, but in the end both want their husbands to love them.

Wife Of Bath Analysis

A story that reflects a timeless issue of equality, morals, and lesson on what women really desire. The Wife of Bath by Geoffrey Chaucer is a story in The Canterbury Tales that expresses multiple moral lessons and an exciting dialogue that provides an entertaining story. The two stories that will be examined today are the “Pardoners Tale” and “The Wife of Bath”, after much evaluation I believe that “The Wife of Bath” is the better story. This is the better story because it’s more entertaining and also has more morals with better quality.

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    One way to help your students move in closer to the tale of the Wife of Bath is to have them write essays about it. By writing essays, students will have to

  14. The Wife of Bath's Tale Essay Examples

    Wife of Bath Reading Response The Wife of Bath from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales is an interesting character for that time, or any time actually. Reading her