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Like it or not, studying film may very well be a part of the well-rounded education you receive here at Northwestern University. But how to go about writing such an essay? While film reviews and theoretical essays are part of Film Studies, the most common paper that students will face is: “the critical essay”

Fear not. Though its title combines a serious undertone that implies it is both a large chuck of your grade and also really hard and vague, this post will guide you on your way.

First, what is the critical essay? It may surprise you to note that it is much more than 35% of your grade. In actuality, the most common form of the cinematic critical essay is one in which the writer explores one or more aspects of a film and analyzes how they enhance the film’s meaning and/or artistry. This is very similar to English analysis papers. For example,  The Scarlet Letter  can be analyzed in terms of its motif of civilization versus the wilderness. In the novel, the town is representative of human civilization and authority while the forest represents natural authority (Sparknotes Editors, 2003).  Likewise, the same motif illustrates Terrence Malick’s  Tree of Life.  The wilderness represents the way of nature while the family (or civilization) represents the way of grace. The crossing over of these settings enables the viewer to visualize the internal struggles of Malick’s characters as they seek higher meaning from God.

“Hmmm…” I can hear you wondering. “I already know how to do that! It’s all we did in high school English classes!” But here is where the cinematic essay diverges from the literary essay— the elements that we analyze. Films can be analyzed from traditional literary aspects such as themes, narrative, characters, and points of view but there are also uniquely cinematic aspects: mise-en-scene, the shot, aesthetic history and edited images.

Parts of a Critical Essay

Aspect 1: mise-en-scene.

Mise-en-scene refers to everything in a scene independent of the camera’s position, movement, and editing (Corrigan, 1998). This includes lighting, costumes, sets, the quality of the acting, etc. It is important to remember that every aspect of a scene was consciously chosen by the director and his or her team. Because movies often present themselves as instances of real life, this fact is easily forgotten and the artistic choices that the film crew made are overlooked.

In the following still from   Wes Anderson’s  Moonrise Kingdom  (2012), one can analyze it in terms of mise-en-scene. One could note the arrangement of the props. In real life, it would be unlikely that rocks, sticks, and supplies would arrange themselves in an almost perfect circular fashion around the map. However, Anderson’s decision to arrange the props focus viewer’s attention on the map and highlight the adventure that the two children are about to go on in  Moonrise Kingdom.

Click  here for an example of an essay dealing with mise-en-scene.

Aspect 2: The Shot

The shot refers to the single image before the camera cuts to the next scene (Corrigan, 1998). These shots can include a lot of variety and movement. We can analyze the effect that shots have in terms of their photographic qualities such as tone, speed, and perspectives created, to name a few examples (Corrigan, 1998). A single shot is composed of multiple frames, or stills of the same scene. We can analyze the shot in terms of framing, i.e. what was actually decided to be included within the image and the location of stuff within the frame.

Watch the following shot (beginning at the 30 second mark) for an example: Click Here to Navigate to YouTube

In this shot from Dayton and Faris’  Little Miss Sunshine  (2006), Dwayne has just found out he cannot join the air force. He had maintained a vow of silence to help him focus on getting admitted to the air force and breaks it from utter frustration. The shot’s stationary position as Dwayne runs screaming from his family helps highlight how the physical distance Dwayne puts between himself and his family reflects the emotional distance and frustration he feels at the moment.

Aspect 3: Edited Images

When one or more shots are joined together, they become edited (Corrigan, 1998). These usually have two main purposes. One is the logical development of the story. A shot in the morning connected with a shot in the afternoon connotes to the viewer that time has passed. Other times the editing of shots has artistic intent. For example, in a Chipotle commercial the first shot is of an industrial slaughterhouse. The next shot features animals grazing in a pasture. This is an artistic statement on the part of the advertising team to convey to Chipotle’s customers about the higher standard of care and ethics that they ensure their meat sources follow.

Edited images can also be analyzed from other aspects. For example, one could explain how meaning is created by the specific arrangement in shots, their collisions with each other, and the presence of visual motifs “echoing” through subsequent shots.

For instance, in the edited shots from Patar and Aubier’s movie  A Town Called Panic  (2009) the editing of the kitchen shot and the snow shot serves two purposes. One purpose is to further the logical chronological development of the story. The other purpose is to add humor. Because being asleep for an entire summer is impossibly long, it adds absurd humor.

Hopefully, the brief foray into the various cinematic aspects that one could examine was helpful. The world of film analysis is vast and wide, offering a fecund source for analytical and cinematic exploration and creation.

-Developed by Kyla Donato  

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essay on film

Writing About Film: Terminology and Starting Prompts

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This resource describes the terminology used to write about common cinematic techniques and provides some ideas for how to write a film analysis.

Written by Kylie Regan.

Writing about what makes a film good or bad involves a similar analytical skillset as writing about literature. However, because film is a medium that is newer and more collaborative than literature, and because film production involves very different technologies, film writing requires its own unique vocabulary. The following terminology guide is not comprehensive, but it provides a strong foundation for making sense of what you see on the screen. 

Types of Shots

A  shot  is any continuous stretch of film occurring between cuts or edits. 

The camera’s point of view automatically tells you something about how a film’s creators intend viewers to perceive a setting or subject. Below are terms to describe a subject’s spatial relationship to the camera.  

Camera Movement 

Dynamic shots can make use of several different types of camera movement. Below is a short list of the most common moves.

Shot Composition

Many decisions go into the construction of a shot beyond the camera’s position and movement.

Cuts & Other Postproduction Transitions

A  cut  is a break between two shots. After filmmakers have gathered sufficient raw film, in postproduction they choose which shots will make up the finished product, and how to best transition between them. The term “cutting” comes from the old process of physically slicing rolls of film. Much of this editing process happens digitally today, but we still use the same terminology. Below is a short list of some common types of postproduction edits. 

Starting Places for Writing on Film

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Essays on Film

3787 samples on this topic

To many college goers, composing Film papers comes easy; others require the help of various kinds. The database includes professionally crafted sample essays on Film and related issues. Most definitely, among all those Film essay examples, you will find a piece that get in line with what you imagine as a worthy paper. You can be sure that virtually every Film work showcased here can be used as a sharp example to follow in terms of overall structure and writing different parts of a paper – introduction, main body, or conclusion.

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The film that I selected for this paper is Bend It like Beckham and I will describe the family that it focuses on. Furthermore, I will provide a detailed assessment of the family’s culture and ethnic traits as well as how they influence various aspects of their life. Finally, the family’s development levels are also discussed extensively. In line with Friedman, Bowden and Jones’s (2003) thoughts, this paper takes the standpoint that exploring and understanding the various dynamics of a family is critical if an optimal nursing intervention is to be devised.

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Question 2. Why did you select this film for your review?

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Zulu 1964 and Bridge too far

Introduction This paper explains in details the SWOT analysis of the Zulu 1964 epic war film between the Zulu Army and the British. Besides this, it also focuses in a similar margin on the Movie Bridge too far. The clarity and analysis of the two movies is also supported by the chart diagrams entailing the strengths and weaknesses as earlier mentioned.

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This report will analyze the strategic positioning of Comcast Corporation, an American based multinational company that offers television, cable TV and Internet services to its consumers, and come up with the best way of making the company as competitive and productive as possible. This paper will focus on the company’s internet service provision branch and analyze how well the company can do in the US market as well as on the global scale when compared to its rivals. The macroeconomic and microeconomic aspects of the company’s operation will be taken into consideration during this process of analysis.

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Essays about Movies

Essays about Movies

Essays and analysis about movies are more and more common, and it is not odd if you consider that movies have a big role in our lives. Cinematography analysis are always interesting but can get a little harsh. If you need some guidance to do your essay on movies, or you are looking to get one, this article is for you.

Why is it important to analyze movies?

Movies are, statistically, the most popular mean of entertainment in today’s society. But not just that, they are also the artistic representation that can have the depth of the most complex works of art. So, all movie genres have the potential to both connect with a huge audience and transmitting great messages. Besides music, films are the only art that has reached such a wide public.

With that level of influence in the collective thought, it is only normal that film has become an important subject of study. There are many aspects to analyze, like the message, ideals and reflections that the filmmakers mean to express on their movies. Also, it is interesting to study the meta-structure of the movies and analyze its language, symbols and visual aspects.

In the cinema there is a lot to study, understand and analyze, even your favorite movie has a lot to say. So the essay on movies is at its best moment.

How to write an Essay on Movies?

When doing an academic assignment, practical tips are the most useful advice you can receive. Every essay is a very personal process and the result will depend on the writer’s connection with the topic. Still, there are some things you can do to facilitate your writing:

  • The first thing to do is to choose a topic and then a movie that fits with the topic, or choose one of your favorite movies and take the topic from it.
  • Pay attention to the movie. Listen carefully to every dialogue and shot.
  • Watch it several times. Every time you watch the filmyou will see new things.
  • Always use interesting cases as examples in your movie reviewor essay.
  • If possible, while watching, take notes about the aspects that draw your attention.
  • Look for written precedents of your essay. Choose some academic articles, movie analysis or other essays that also study the topic you are studying.

Also, you need to consider the type of movie essay you were assigned to because it will define all your work. To help with this, we will share with you here the most common types of movies essay.

  • The movie review, which is basically a recommendation, focuses on pointing out the positive and negative aspects of the film. The conclusion of this kind of essay is a recommendation of whether to see the movie or not.
  • The critical analysis is a breakdown of the entire movie, with the intention of finding every possible message.
  • And the theoretical essay looks to explain the structures of the cinema. Here, it is necessary that every visual aspect is studied in order to find the particular codes of the cinematographic language the movie is using.

In the end, writing an essay on movies can become a very personal experience since the writer needs to connect deeply with the film. And the results are always interesting.

Essay examples

Essay topics, information.

Today, I am going to talk about my favorite movies. I like to watch movies very much; especially I like foreign films lots than Japanese films, because I like to study foreign languages. I watch movies with English subtitle, and it is good how to …

After having read the original version and the more recent film adaptation of John Steinbeck’s majorly successful novel, Of Mice and Men, the apparency of differences between the two is at times subtle while also being very obvious during different portions of the movie. In …

50 First Dates is a great romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. In this movie Adam Sandler name is Henry Roth; and Drew Barrymore play Lucy. Henry is a veterinarian and a bachelor who lives in Hawaii. Henry spends every night with a …

In the 1985 movie “Love is Never Silent” it is set during the great depression and follows the Ryder family, Abel and Janice two deaf parents of two hearing children Margaret and Bradley. Abel works for a newspaper company on the printing press, Janice is …

Some people believe that once a person commits a crime or breaks the law, they no longer get to exercise their human rights. In fact, they believe that prisoners do not deserve human rights. The treatment of these inmates come into question; especially when most …

In the movie Antz, the colony’s government was set up with the Queen as the supreme ruler over the entire colony. All decisions for life in the colony were made by the Queen. All ants were required to work together for the greater good of …

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The Beowulf legend has endured for centuries, having been retold time and time again. Dating back to the 8th century, this epic heroic poem employs many features that have long appealed to countless storytellers, authors, graphic novelists, and filmmakers. In Robert Zemeckis’s film Beowulf, modern …

I have always enjoyed action films. I would state that this fact does make me somewhat biased for this review. Fictional characters that are super heroes only made them better for me. I went into this movie knowing it was going to be one that …

The same hero wearing a different mask appears throughout great literature and films. The “hero’s journey” motif, as Joseph Campbell, the acclaimed American mythology professor and famous author identified, has been present in all cultures since the first documented stories. From Odysseus and the other …

Extra Credit Assignment MILK 1. What are the main themes, politically and socially, that are portrayed in the film? Milk is a biographical film based on the triumphs and struggles of Harvey Milk. He was a gay rights activist and the first openly gay elected …

Nietzsche’s claim that God is dead arouses interesting questions not only on what or who killed God but also on how human society, devoid of the long-held comfort of the polarity of ethical and moral grounds, would formulate judgements of what is real, good, or …

Many movies follow the typical “Hollywood pattern”, that is, they provide no greater meaning, no deeper purpose, than solely to entertain. However, this is not the case, as shown in ’10 Things I Hate About You’, directed by Gil Junger. The movie explores important ideas …

anTomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden Tomorrow when the war began by John Marsden is an epic novel about the struggles 7 mismatched teens face when their home town has been invaded. A series of obstacles including love, lust, politics and friendship is …

I have watched two movies: “Ray” and “Traffic.”  I choose to focus on the movie “Ray” for a more realistic portrayal of drug abuse.  In this movie, drugs were used as a chief escape of the blind protagonist, Ray Charles Robinson, from the loneliness of …

Instances with cultural dimension are everywhere. The very normal everyday affairs that relate to cultural field could intricately stand on behalf of, or are shaped by, wider social and cultural forces (Miller, McHoul, 1). For instance, in the movie of Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009), …

The competitive forces in the movie rental industry are quite strong, as I will explain through the five forces model. There are a vast amount of substitutes for watching a movie. You can go to a play, sporting event, concert, out the lake/beach, go for …

It was written and directed by Jack Neo who is widely known for his films which he used to present annotations with the intention of addressing serious issues that matters and presenting it in a humorous and youthful perspective. “When was the last time someone …

Many years ago, there was part of history in Heaven, where angels fought against God. The war broke out after one angel, named Lucifer the light bearer, became envious about God’s power. Lucifer gathered his own army of angels. The battle led into extermination of …

In my personal opinion Avatar is the best movie I have ever seen. I loved everything about the movie, especially the state-of-the-art technology. When I first saw the trailer for Avatar there were no famous actors in it but the thing that did draw me …

The Cabin in the Woods 1. Joss Whedon says that ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ is “your basic horror movie taken apart; five kids go to a cabin in the woods to have a fun weekend of partying and possibly sex… and are therefore dismembered”. …

Seattle Chiefs Ovation The arrival of the European colonists in New England in the 17th century pushed the Native Americans to the west and eventually sparking their demise. Intensive logging impacted their environment, epidemic diseases from Europe claimed lives of thousands of Native Americans, and …

Watching movies always considered as a relaxing thing because movie can satisfied us with all different needs. However, because of the technological development, people can download all the movie from plentiful websites easily with laptops or even a cellophane. And due to the advancement of …

Nowadays, movies have become the spiritual food that always comes along with our lives. However, because almost all movies have both strengths and weaknesses, there are not only positive but also negative attitudes of the viewers toward them. 2012 has also received such a wide …

The movie fracture is an example of a psychological drama, played by set of talented movie actors. Among the talented actors in Hollywood, Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling are chosen to play the two lead roles of the movie. A multi awarded and one of …

Each reader has conjured up their own special portrayal of the imagery and character evictions provided, with every scene of the dark, emotional novel engraved In their brain. The very Idea of attempting to make a film adaptation of the powerful scenery and copious descriptions …

Television nicknamed by the Americans as ‘idiot box’; is one of the most revolutionary inventions of the twentieth century. Its vast potentialities as a powerful medium of mass communication cannot be underestimated. It is, indeed, the last world in entertain­ment and enlightenment. It can enlighten …

Every scene in the film was worth paying attention to.  The plot that is based on the real life story of Prof. Alfred Kinsey is unusual and enlightening.  The movie has effectively depicted the life of the professor and has shown the audience his struggles …

Name at least two social classes depicted in the movie. Social class: a defined set by social stratification where people are grouped into a set of hierarchical social categories. Who make up the underclass in the ant colony? The underclass in the ant colony is …

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Essays on Movie Review

Titanic movie review: acting and emotions, a critical look at aladdin the movie, perfectly written custom essays as fast as you need them.

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The Wizard of Oz Movie Review

Shrek 2: an animated movie review, sociological analysis of zootopia.

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A Movie Review of Back to The Future, a Science Fiction Film by Robert Zemeckis

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Review of The Movie Clueless

The description of the movie "harry potter and the sorcerer's stone", reaction paper: the greatest showman, "avengers: endgame": movie review, fast and efficient: custom essays made just for you in 3 hours.

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Disney's Beauty and The Beast Movie Analysis

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s: a Revolutionary Romantic Comedy

Anime - an animation style from japan.



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essay on film

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Film Analysis Essay Examples

At the first act structure (the introduction), Julia Scott is a very hard-working secretary at a department store and fall in love with her own boss named Richard Barclay, However, the boss ignored her intentions, except any matter that related to work. When Julia out...

Edward Scissorhands is written by Tim Burton who is also famous for Beetlejuice and many more. Edward Scissorhands is a movie of a young man is machine turned and pulled from the comfort of his isolated mansion into the world of the local suburbia. Edward...

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The 13th is a documentary film directed by Ava DuVernay that explores the history of racial inequality in the United States, particularly in the criminal justice system. The title refers to the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except...

“The Notebook” is a romantic drama film based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. Directed by Nick Cassavetes, the movie tells the love story of Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) and Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling), who fall in love during the summer...

The Twilight series, written by Stephanie Meyer, has become a cultural phenomenon since its first release in 2005. The series follows the love story of Bella Swan, a teenage girl who moves to the small town of Forks, Washington, and Edward Cullen, a vampire. The...

Freedom is an important aspect of life as every individual is entitled to their human rights. In Peter Weir’s film “The Truman Show”, the concept of freedom is conveyed through Truman’s desire of wishing to be freed from the pretentious world controlled by Cristof. In...

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If your trying to find a movie that is kid friendly and it teaches a lesson The Lion King is the way to go. А main Lion King themes in the story called hakuna matata which means no worries saying Life is hard, but that...

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